Six Irish teams have a medal quota in the final

Six Irish teams have a medal quota in the final

The Irish paddles were the best in the semifinals of the European Championships in Italy yesterday. Both teams qualified for the World Cup final on Friday. So six Irish teams will compete for medals today.

Although the Italians Stefano Obo and Pietro Rotta finished first in the 500m, Ireland finished third, but first O’Donoghue and Venton McCarthy made no mistakes in the easy doubles. In the second quarter, Odonovan and McCarthy increased the heat and shot the front runners. The Czech Republic finished third when they finished the game in clearer waters than Italy.

In the women’s event, Yue Casey and Margaret Kremen also excelled, but returned to Italy and Russia after the 500m. Irish coach Dominic Casey taught his daughter and partner the art of tactics. After 150 meters, Casey and Creamen finished second, but could not stop Valentina Rodini and Federica Cicarini, who won Italy with Ireland in second place.

Philip Doyle and Ronan Byrne were disappointed in the men’s doubles race. The 2019 World Silver Medal winners started slowly and have never been associated with Pakistan. France, Great Britain and Switzerland qualified for the final. Doyle and Bern were relegated to sixth.

CloneMell stumbled, and Dyer Lynch found it difficult to make his international debut in single canoeing. Fifth place in Friday’s match pushed him back to the lap and finished fourth in his second match, but he began to find his level in the CD semifinals yesterday. After the 500 meters, he finished second after the Russian Nikolai Pimenov and the two fought on their own to finish third in Cyprus. Pimenov won today’s C-Final, one ahead of Lynch, the top scorer.

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The Irish Rovers, with six teams in today’s final, have already had the best results ever against the Europeans, and have real hopes of winning medals in all six. The race is important for the four women from Avery Cue, Emer Lambi, Fiona Mortag and Emily Hegarti, as strong performances here will help them accelerate to the Olympic qualifiers next month in Switzerland.

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