Six countries: Heavy knockout with Italugbi and Ireland

Kanna and teammates lost 50 to 17 at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin

Heavy Co-op with six countries Ireland

The empty Aviva Stadium in Dublin is a sad sight, but these days there is already plenty to listen to and play national anthems. Ireland-Italy ended and clearly won, as many had hoped, with the green masters on the field. The result hurts the ratio, because 50 to 17 indicates that there is still a lot of gap. Franco Smith is trying to build a new DNA, but it’s too early to make a decision now. Good proof of some singles, including Kanna, one of the few who gives quality to Assyrian properties. The first great opportunity was born out of his hands one hundred and twenty seconds later. But Violi stopped just 80cm from the goal line. A sympathy even when it comes to a free kick transformed by Garbici. The gains lasted only a very short time. Ireland immediately took the game in hand and spread as the minutes passed. The Asuri will return to the field in a week, this time they will play at home, but the opponent will be tougher. The challenge with England is prohibited, the aim being to limit the damage.

Dublin, Aviva Stadium – Saturday, October 24
Guinness Six Nations, Day IV
Ireland v Italy 50-17
Marketory: pt 3 ‘cp. Garbici (0-3); 8 ‘m. Standard tr. Sexton (7-3); 14 ‘C.P. Sexton (10-3); 29 ‘m. Keenan Tr. Sexton (17-3); 35 ‘m. Keenan Tr. Sexton (24-3); st 14 ‘m. Padovani Tr. Garbici (24-10); 21 ‘m. Connors tr. Sexton (31-10); 25 ‘m. Sexton (36-10); 28 ‘sec. M Aki tr. Sexton (43-10); 40 ‘m. Hefernan Tr. Byron R. (50-10); 41 ‘m. Garbici tr. Garbici (50-17)
Ireland: Stockdale; Conway, Ringrose (27 ‘PT Henshow), Aki, Keenan; Sexton (cap, 31 St. Byron R.), Murray (26 ‘St. Gibson-Park); Standard, Connors, Doris; Ryan (21 ‘St. Porter (21’ St. Beilham), Herring (10 ‘St. Hefernan), Healy (15’ St. Byron E.)
Everything. Farrell A.
Italy: Howard; Padovani, Morrisi (14 ‘St. Mori), Kanna, Bellini; Garbici, field (32 ‘St. Braley); Polledri, Stein, Negri (27 ‘St. Embande); Canon (7 ‘St. CC), Lazaroni (21’ St. Mayor); Silochi (7 ‘St. Secrelli), Bigi (hat, 7’ St. Lucchesi), Fishetti (7 ‘St.
Everything. Smith
arb. Carly (England)
Doff Pierce (England), Adamson (England)
TMO: Foley (England)
Cards: 3 ‘pt Yellow Murray (Ireland)
Notes: Land in perfect condition. Run behind closed doors. National debuts for Paulo Garbici, Gianmarco Lucci and Federico Mori.
Guinness World Records Player: Connors (Ireland)
Players: Garbici (Italy) 3/3; Sexton (Ireland) 6/7; Byron R. (Ireland) 1/1

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