Siri, Apple’s voice assistant? This is a mole!

Siri, Apple's voice assistant?  This is a mole!

In Ireland, Apple subcontractors are responsible for copying our private conversations via Voice Assistant Siri installed on our phones. All this without complete punishment. One of these “little ears”, Thomas Le Bonic, launches an alert.

Is there a sound without ears to hear? In the third millennium, we are talking more and more about our everyday tools. Ask for a voice suggestion, a shopping list or the weather forecast for the day. If our word is not heard, where are these tiny little clusters? Thomas Le Bonnie knows it: for a few months, on the other end of the phone, he was tasked with focusing on the lives of others. “I am not Stacy,” he said. He swears. Apple, on the other hand… ” Very officially, Siri, the home voice assistant “A non-human entity, helping individuals to perform tasks easily, efficiently and happily”. In more detail, it is an artificial intelligence, perfect, it needs to be nurtured and trained. Voluntarily. Individuals with free will can say no, thank you. Like Bonnie in Thomas.

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