Sir Bob Geldolfe turns 70, from Ireland and Boomtown rats to live aid

Sir Bob Geldolfe turns 70, from Ireland and Boomtown rats to live aid

A few years later there was a musical revolt, but the north of England was already breathing. Born to Catholic parents in troubled Ireland, Bob Geldof began his adventure with the Boomtown rats in 1975. Called manager and within days he was at the forefront. Born in Dun Laoghaire, south of Dublin on October 5, 1951, he may have envisioned a future as a rock star, as the band was successful overseas, making its mark during the last real musical revolutionary role season. Just how powerful the movements are, including the Grunge, the Brit-pop, and the Nashville School. Instead, his philanthropic spirit took him to other shores, and the rocker never became a butterfly. That love for Africa changed his destiny.


Bob Geldof, video of Bono and The Edge on his birthday

I. Boomtown rats Lived eleven years from 1975 to 1986, released six albums, the second most popular being A tonic for soldiers In 1978. In 2013, 27 years after their departure, they find themselves on the Isle of White, the island of the blue of youth. They add us a tour of their island, but we still need patience to see them in the record room: they will only release the album in 2020 Citizen of Boomtown. In the meantime, the world has changed. And Sir Bob Geldof He sailed on other seas. We are in the evening of the Boontown Mice Adventure, which is 1984: Together Midge Eure, By Scottish singer-songwriter with a major militancy in the UltraVox Did they know it was Christmas? It will be sung by several British artists gathered in a renamed group band Aid. The song was a worldwide success, with all income going to famine-stricken people. Reganian America Hears, Learns, and Relaunches: Born in 1985 USA for Africa With We are the world It collects and donates millions to the starving Ethiopian people. These two moments turn into a worm for Bob Geldof who wants to do more. And the July 13 Of 1985 when London That’s it PhiladelphiaAt Wembley and JFK Stadiums, respectively, the spotlights illuminate two infinite stages. Live help, One of the most amazing rock concerts of all time. It is at that moment that musician Geldof sets in, the brilliance of the human organizer. It created another Titanic enterprise in 2005 and calls it that Live8: Ten concerts in G8 member states. Before blowing out 70 candles with his family, he collaborated with I on two Italian hobbies: in 1994. Modena City Ramblers In 2012 in The Great Song of Indifference and Ill Bechier del Audio Enzo Avitabile Suwon in the song ‘A Pastel’. Sir Bob lost the way of rock and roll, but found the way of humanity.

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