Sinn Fin is aiming for a referendum to reunite Ireland by 2025

Sinn Fin aims to hold a referendum to reunite Ireland by 2025.

A referendum on reuniting two “Irish girls” by 2025. The goal of the Irish Republican Party was to get Sinn Fൻin, the IRA’s political body, to renew this proposal through a statement by its president, Mary Lou MacDonald, and hold a popular vote to allow citizens to decide. Brexit has spurred calls for reunification with the Republic of Ireland, which has never been quenched in Northern Ireland, especially in the wake of the state’s positive vote victory in the 2016 referendum. ‘EU.

“The decade in which we live is crucial and we firmly believe that a referendum on the reunification of the North and South will take place,” McDonald said in a video conference with a foreign newspaper. “We want systematic, peaceful and democratic constitutional reform. We do not want Brexit to be disrupted – he continued.”

The UK’s exit from the European Union has adversely affected Northern Ireland. To avoid establishing a physical boundary (so-called “Hard Border”) Introduced the Ireland and Northern Ireland Protocol between the two Irish countries, which regulates the movement of certain types of goods passing through the sea connecting the two islands. These customs do not like to impose on the followers of the Unionist movement, which voluntarily includes the political parties and associations involved in maintaining and strengthening Belfast’s relations with London. On the other hand, mainly Catholic Irish Republicans, represented by Sinn Fin, do not approve of the introduction of the land border. Boris Johnson, a staunch “Unionist”, was criticized by his followers for adopting the protocol in Ireland and Northern Ireland, and in fact did not vote for the law.

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In recent months, there has been a resurgence of conflicts that have shaped the history of Northern Ireland for decades, with riots in Derry and Belfast, the throwing of stones and Molotov cocktails, and the injuries of several police officers.

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