Singh Street on Arte: Is the film based on a true story?

Singh Street on Arte: Is the film based on a true story?

John Carney, director of “Once” and “New York Melody”, signed on to another musical film with “Sing Street”. This is a very personal project for the filmmaker because it is inspired by his history.

Street Sing : School of Rock

After producing two musical romances, one in Dublin and the other across the Atlantic Once And New York MelodyJohn Carney maintains his momentum Street Sing. For this feature film, which was released in 2016, the filmmaker returns to the Irish capital and goes back to the 1980s.

Although his parents are no longer working financially, Connor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) has to leave private school to join a public institution in order to reduce family expenses. The teen soon finds out that the rules are nothing. Between two fights and two classes interrupted by particularly energetic students, he regularly sees Rafina (Lucy Boynton) hanging around the college.

To approach him, Connor explains to him that he is part of a group and needs a model to appear in their next clip. Problem: These rock and pop lovers don’t have a band. So he decidesGet up immediately Influenced by prominent musicians of the time and guided by the helpful advice of his older brother Brendan (Jack Rainor), he worked enthusiastically on the early works.

Street Sing © Mars Films

Starring Aidan Gillan, Maria Doyle Kennedy and Kelly Thornton Street Sing. As for the soundtrack, the film is titled Duran Duran, Motorhead, The Cure or Joe Jackson.

Immerse yourself in an era

In addition to the attractive musical energy, it is a feature film A symbol of brotherhood, courage and friendship It was perfectly anchored at the time of copying. In order not to exceed the budget, John Carney and his team wanted to reduce the filings. They loved to shoot on the streets of Dublin, which had not changed since the 80s, and enhanced the scenes indoors.

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Love story and team Street Sing Rising in an atmosphere of uncertainty. Connor’s family is in the midst of an explosion, and his older brother has had to give up some wishes for their parents. Also, there are no troublemakers or other intimidators in the organization that integrates it, and it needs to impose itself.

A universe given to him Desire and freedom to escape That the director knows better. Street Sing It is a great autobiographical project by John Carney. The site asked Screen Crush In January 2016, the filmmaker explains:

It is a beautiful autobiographical story. I formed a group at school, which allowed me to score points on all fronts. The bullies were no longer behind me. (D) This distracted the teachers from the fact that I was not giving them any jobs. At least I was doing something. It told my parents, ‘Well, he’s not completely incompetent. I had a favorite girl.

An autobiographical project … but not only

If the ways of Connor and John Carney in their teens were exactly the same, Their personalities are completely different In the opinion of the director. For example, the filmmaker admits that he is more withdrawn than the protagonist in his film. Also, the character’s family has nothing to do with them. During an interview The Verge, He declares on the subject:

Family Dynamic is not really like my family. I think it’s a combination of many different families that I thought I knew through observing them or their children. But the biggest difference is that Connor is incredibly handsome and confident teenager. I was not like that. I had a bit of confidence in myself, but I wasn’t bragging. (2) The moment Ferdia got the role, the movie changed significantly. I think it’s important not to force an actor to say things in a particular way. So I followed Ferdia’s crazy assurance. He’s funny. And it is very current. Kids these days have such confidence. I didn’t use it, I didn’t fight it.

A guarantee that is fully felt on the screen.

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