Since Kovid’s discovery, Europe has reached the milestone of 100 million cases

Since Kovid's discovery, Europe has reached the milestone of 100 million cases

The 100,074,753 pollutants found in the European region (52 countries and territories from the Atlantic coast to Azerbaijan and Russia) represent more than a third of the 288,279,803 cases found worldwide since the beginning of the Pandemic.

Over the past seven days, the region has recorded more than 4.9 million tons of pollution (59% more than the previous week), and the area is currently experiencing unprecedented pollution.

Ten countries except microstates, including Denmark (2,045), Cyprus (1,969) and Ireland (1.964), have the highest incidence in the world (number of cases over seven days per 100,000 inhabitants) in Europe.

In France, more than a million cases (1,103,555) have been detected in the last seven days, or 10% of the total cases reported in the country since the beginning of the Pandemic.

In 52 countries and territories comprising the European region, 17 of them broke the record of cases detected in the last one week.

These figures are based on reports that health authorities in each country communicate on a daily basis. Since the virus was discovered in late 2019, screening has intensified in many countries since the onset of the pandemic, but a significant proportion of cases with mild or no symptoms have been detected. In addition, testing policies vary from country to country. To another.

Acceleration of pollution is not currently accompanied by an increase in deaths on the European continent. Europe has recorded an average of 3,413 daily deaths in the last seven days, down 7% from the previous week. In January 2021, the figure reached an average of 5,735 deaths per day on the continent.

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The European population is slightly higher than the world average. 65% of Europeans have been partially vaccinated, of which 61% are against 58% and 49% of the world’s population, respectively, according to data compiled by the site “They in the World”.

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