Simon Bills, Putantseva, Sports Psychology

Simon Bills, Putantseva, Sports Psychology

“Ever since I got into painting, I’ve been lonely in my head, dealing with demons in my head. I have to do good and focus on my mental health and not compromise on my well-being.”American athlete Simon Bills has been announced after the team was eliminated from the final. They open up many questions that seem to transcend time and discipline. Have you received head training? Can mental exercises be done to improve the performance of an athlete? Where is sports psychology located?

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Recently, more and more athletes have been analyzing the importance of a sports psychologist on the team. In 2014, when Marcelo Gallardo took over as River’s coach, there was one person who attracted attention, before the victories made him one of the best coaches in history. A woman. Sandra Rosie, a sports psychologist, has been with the coaching staff since day one. In the Copa America semi – final, the Argentine goalkeeper surprised the whole world with his savings: Emiliano Martinez asks Aston Villa to go with the psychiatrist at Arsenal when he decides to buy him.

The mental psych scientist is slowly adding to their team of professionals who work with the minds of athletes. This week at the Tokyo Olympics there were scenes that repeated the importance of mental health. Simon Bills, the American player who could not continue the match Or Naomi Osaka, a Japanese tennis player Eliminated in the third round After returning from a match at the French Open after being declared depressed.

“You need to be able to distinguish between different types of stress. We do not like to talk about stress in the medical field and psychiatry. Factors are related to a person’s ability to adapt to going factors. They need to be evaluated. I usually give examples of people who fail to understand why they fail to do so: I suggest the following: The person who can not be trusted can make a very high bargain to see if he can kick through, so that they thought when they did not have very good money. Potatoes burn mental and physical stress that causes muscle spasms and a lot of extra thinking. “, Says Rodolfo Oliveto, a sports psychologist from the National High Performance Agency’s sports psychologist.

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Naomi Osaka's torch went out

Analyzing Simon Bills’ situation, Argentine coach Adolfo Ruggery, who has a master’s degree in neuroscience, explains: “This is a situation that surprises us all. We do not expect to see such a situation at these important events. Being so young, dealing with all those pressures is often complicated and complicated. That is why the calculations of the psychiatrist are so important. ”

On the other hand, the cross between Oliveto is analyzed Nadia Podoroska Yalia Putantseva, The Kazakh tennis player explains: “In tennis, especially singles, there is the question of how one can make a mistake. There is no one to blame. The first date Podoroska played against an opponent was a very little bit of self-control. She’s finally retiring. It’s an essential example of a mental activity. “

Social networks also come to play a role that affects athletes in different ways. Criticism and positive comments have different implications, Oliveto explains: “It depends a lot on each athlete. Provided, so they learn to control their social networks “. He adds: “The role of sports journalism today is very little journalism and a lot of low-level gossip and gossip about the personal lives of athletes.”

Neuroscience is one of the tools Adolfo Ruggeri suggests working with athletes: “Neuroscience gives very good results, it allows the mind to work with concentration by imagining that it performs movements through a specific exercise. That it can be achieved with concentration. “

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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