Significant figures: 225 million euros, a record fine for WhatsApp in Ireland

Significant figures: 225 million euros, a record fine for WhatsApp in Ireland

This is the largest fine ever imposed by an Irish regulator. It is the second-largest digital regulator in Europe after acquiring 746 million euros against Amazon in Luxembourg in July for non-compliance with European regulations on the personal data of Internet users.

After a lengthy investigation, the Irish Data Protection Authority (DPC) “fined WhatsApp 225 million euros” and “charged” this affiliate of Facebook with pressing “comply”. The Irish regulator oversees Facebook for the EU because the company’s regional headquarters are located there. A WhatsApp spokesperson on Thursday denounced the “completely disproportionate sanctions”, indicating that the company will appeal.

“Very important information deficit”

The investigation, which began in 2018, focused on WhatsApp’s compliance with transparency obligations under European law. About data protection (GDPR), especially in the “processing of information between WhatsApp and other Facebook companies”. After receiving the initial findings of the investigation, the European regulator, which federates 27 European national data protection authorities, last July called on the Irish Authority to “expedite new investigations.”

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Following a controversial change in the terms and conditions of the use of messaging, the German authority specifically demanded that the European Body specifically seek information about its intended use in building Facebook using data from its affiliate, and especially the potential for crossovers. Use of unique identifiers.

The Commissioner of Data Protection (DPC) in its decision noted “very serious violations of transparency” and a “significant deficit of information” provided to the user. Failure to comply with the principles of transparency may undermine other basic principles of data protection, including the “principles of fairness and accountability”, the regulator added.

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10,000 complaints per year from 2018

“WhatsApp is committed to providing a secure and private service. We have worked to ensure that the information we provide is transparent and complete, and we will continue to do so,” a company spokesman said.

WhatsApp’s license “long overdue. Consequences of non-compliance with European data protection laws send a serious message to Facebook and its affiliates”, the European Bureau said. David Martin, an official with the Consumer Affairs Association (BEUC), responded in a newspaper. Release.

The European Consumer Protection Federation (ECF) has filed a lawsuit against WhatsApp, alleging that it has put “unfair pressure” on users to accept recent changes in the terms of use of messaging.

Complaints are mounting against Facebook and the digital giants in Europe, while activists accuse the Irish Authority of being too exhilarating and dragging its feet, while Dublin derives tax revenue from several European-based multinational companies operating in the country.

The Irish regulator “imposed an initial fine of 50 million euros and forced other European authorities to increase it to 225 million euros,” Max Shrs, a man and founder of the fight for the protection of personal data, welcomed in a press release. Of the NGO “NOYB” (your business is nothing).

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“We welcome this first decision by the Irish regulator, but (since then) we have received about 10,000 complaints a year since 2018. This is the first major fine,” said Max Shremes, who regretted the lengthy confrontation with the social network. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

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