Significant decline at the level of math teachers

Significant decline at the level of math teachers

Mathematically, the smaller French is the last in the European Union.

CThis, alas, is not new. Mathematics is a favorite subject of French students. If a quarter of them experience, difficulties from the sixth grade (assessment department, foresight, performance), they also show a constant decline in their level in this area. The latest international tims study (Trends in Mathematics and Science Studies) In 2019, it was ranked last in the European Union and last in the OECD countries (primary school, college).

The level of teachers itself enters the equation. As said Information Report by Senator (LR) Gerard Longut Published on June 16, “Responding to the Decline in Mathematical Standards”, the teaching of this subject is facing a rejection that is usually out of proportion. Between 2010 and 2020, the number of applicants for the external mathematics cap dropped by 30%. An “extremely anxious” situation underscores its author.

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Fall in fascination

For good reason, the declining attraction to this profession inevitably makes recruitment difficult. Certainly affects the selection process; “The selectivity of the competition may leave something to be desired,” the report said. Thus, by 2020, more than half (54%) of professors won the competition. But he averaged 8/2 of what he admitted […] Read more

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