Sify Well Fusion Presbyopia Correction Lenses –

Sify Well Fusion Presbyopia Correction Lenses -

Sify Innovative Fusion well And the intraocular lens Mini Well Proxa (R) It is a new solution to treat cataract symptoms and provides an alternative treatment for presbyopia in cataract patients. Distance and light conditions without glasses for clear and high quality vision.

Launched in 2016, Sify has developed Sini to build the Mini Well Proxa based on the excellent medical results of Sify’s Premium IOL and Mini Well (R) 1-5, which demonstrates extensive expertise in depth and visual quality. See the best

The Mini Well Proxa is designed for implantation of the inferior eye. In conjunction with the miniwell implantation in the eye it is even more important to fill the near vision gap associated with the extended depth of focus IOL Vision treatment while maintaining high quality vision at all distances and lighting conditions.

Mini Well and Mini Well Prox Intraocular lenses use the EDOF platform based on the distribution of the spherical variation of the inverted markers at the center of the lens. Sify is a proprietary, patented technology for correcting presbyopia and IOL type.

Mini Well Prox It is already available in Italy, Romania and Spain, and will be available in 2021 in other European countries.

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