Side Effects Of Mobile: Do you use mobile before going to bed or do you know its side effects | Do you use mobile before going to bed? Learn about its side effects

Side effects of mobile

Ahmednagar Live 24 Team, 30 March 2022: – Side effects of mobile: Nowadays everyone has a habit of using mobile phone after their day. But did you know that using a mobile phone in the dark can do a lot of damage? Yes, the blue light emitted from the phone can harm your eyes. Know the great consequences of using a mobile phone at night

1) Increases the risk of depression: – Excessive use of mobile phone affects not only your sleep but also your mental health. The blue light coming from the mobile adversely affects your hormones and sleep patterns. As a result, some people become depressed. This will make you feel very sad during the day.

2) Eye Injury: – The blue light emitted from the mobile is very harmful to the eyes. The wavelength of a smartphone is very small and it has a lot of impact. It affects your retina. According to reports, the blue light emitted from the phone affects your retina and eyes.

3) Insomnia: – Phone anger affects the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate sleep and sleep cycles. Many people suffer from insomnia because they use mobile phones every day and night. Also, the habit of checking the phone keeps you awake for a long time.

4) Memory loss: – Excessive phone use affects your brain. Using the phone at night makes it very difficult to communicate with the brain. There may be a reason you do not think well.

5) Spots near the eyes: – When using a mobile phone in the dark, blue rays catch the eye. It causes pain and scarring in the eyes.

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