Shrems: Google could face billions in fines in the European Union

Shrems: Google could face billions in fines in the European Union

According to data protection activist Max Shrmes, the Austrian Data Protection Authority could be fined up to ആറ് 6 billion by Google. Shrems’ data protection organization “Nob / Your Business has nothing” announced on Thursday that Google continues to transfer data of millions of visitors to EU websites in the USA, despite two judgments by the European Court of Justice.

All EU data protection authorities can be fined for filing a complaint against Google LLC, the US parent company that specializes in Google’s European subsidiary in Ireland. In this particular case, the Austrian Data Protection Authority could impose a fine of up to four per cent of Google LLC’s global turnover – which could be as little as 6 billion, Shrems said.

“This is a unique opportunity to do something about the protection of fundamental rights and the state budget at the same time. Brenner is fining Google more than its Austrian share in the base tunnel,” Austrian said. Broadcast. According to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, authorities have a duty to impose appropriate fines, and “Google meets all the requirements to take full advantage of the scope of the penalty,” the data protection activist added.

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