Shrek fans are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the DreamWorks animated film

Shrek fans are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the DreamWorks animated film

Favorite animated film Shrek Its world premiere took place 20 years ago today, and fans around the world are celebrating the anniversary. Eddie Murphy’s Dunky, Cameron Diaz – Fiona and Lord John Litgo Lord Farquhard are featured in the classic film, which stars Migry Myers as the voice of Titular Ogre. It was an instant success when DreamWorks was released in 2001, two decades later. Shrek It remains as popular as ever.

« Shrek Created 20 years ago today, the world has been a green place ever since, ”Netflix UK & Ireland tweeted. “20 years ago today, the best film ever released,” he said Shrek Fan account also tweeted. ” ShrekTwentieth Anniversary, Celebrate! ”

Another fan writes in an animated GIF post by Green Ogre, “It’s been 20 years since these beautiful theaters performed, Love You # Shrek. “

“On this day in 2001, Shrek Performed at the Man Village Theater in Westwood, Los Angeles, it changes the course of internet culture and animation forever, ”says another, adding four great shots from the film to the post. 20 Here is another 20 years Shrek! «

I don’t want to admit that two decades have passed since then Shrek Arrived, another fan wrote on all the hats: “Shrek on 20 I did not understand what 15 is, but Shrek’s release 20 years ago WTF!” “

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The history of this day’s entertainment summarizes: “On that day, April 22, 20 years ago, the popular DreamWorks movie and #Shreck Internet meme hit theaters, grossing $ 484.4 million at the box office at $ 60 million. Budget. ”

Written by Ted Elliott, Terry Rocio, Joe Stillman and Roger SH Schulman Shrek Directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jensen. Based on the fairy tale of the same name of 1990 by William Steig, the story serves as a satire on other fairy tales that appear separately from the established characters. It follows the story of a local Ogri who falls in love with a princess and plans to save her from an evil rising king with the help of his best friend, a talking donkey.

Shrek It had huge success after its theatrical premiere. Film Bank not only surpassed $ 484 million against its $ 60 million budget, but also surprised critics. The animated film won its first Oscar for Best Animated Feature and was nominated for another Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. Last year, it was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the National Film Registry, further strengthening its legacy.

To celebrate Shrek On the 20th, Fathom events will hit movie theaters next month. Sunday, April 25; Wednesday, April 28; April 29 Shrek It will be shown in limited theaters, giving long-term fans the opportunity to revisit the film on the big screen and new fans will see it. Shrek In theaters for the first time. You can buy tickets at Fathom events.

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Happy Twentieth Birthday, Shrek!

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