Showtime of my life: Nicole Studinger survives cancer – “painful process”

Showtime of my life: Nicole Studinger survives cancer - "painful process"

38-year-old Stinger There is no celebrity like everyone else Show attendees. She’s not an actress like Mimi Feedler or a professional athlete like Nadine Anger. Stinger is known for a very sad reason. With you A 32-year-old man was diagnosed with breast cancer, Which not only saved her life even though she survived cancer, but also affected her ovaries due to a special situation. In addition, there was a particularly serious diagnosis: triple-negative breast cancer. “If you’ve put it on Google, come on Next to that, acquisition adsShe explains in an interview with RTL Media Group.

But Stinger not only fought and succeeded against this disease, but made something positive out of it. Your book “Breasts Surrender Due to Infertility” Spiegel became a bestseller, turned a woman into a writer and lecturer on the subject of cancer, and survived, “because I Survivor of breast cancer “Her breasts were removed and later reconstructed.” It was a painful process. “Of course, there were scars, too, which is why it’s a big hurdle to overcome the author when it comes to dressing up.” I am afraid that there are such beautiful women by my side I’m the only one who looks like Quasimodo

Anyway, the author has not let the humor get away from her, she is definitely ready for tonight. Many women are still afraid to dress in front of a doctor. “To encourage you – that’s the point of it all.” After her first book, four more followed, and now she is a certified trainer on the topic of women in quick wit and management positions.

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