Show: At the Singaro Theatre, Barthabas, Roads, Ireland

Show: At the Singaro Theatre, Barthabas, Roads, Ireland

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M. Collett, J.-L. Serra, G. Beso, S. Lacombe – France 3

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Bartabas is staging a new show at the Zingaro Equestrian Theater in Aubervillers (Seine-Saint-Denis). Entitled “Cabaret of Exile”, it is an ode to Ireland, its culture and nomadic people.

Acrobats gracefully twirl around horses. Welcome to the singular and festive universe of Bartabas. Three hours before the show, backstage at the Zingaro Equestrian Theater, 23 horses are pampered like artists. “This Totally star-studded, Zingaro is no show without horses. Pampering them as much as we can”A theater employee explains. Naughties who deserve luxury treatments like a solarium.

When the horses are trained, the riders are also rigorous. “A look, a dress on a horse, a dress on stage, a tone. Stretch, relax, and pay attention to our body, our functional instrument,” Connect with Theo Miller and Fanny NevoretRiders. The new show “Cabaret de l’Exile” is a tribute to Irish culture and nomadic people. For 38 years, the Seine-Saint-Denis-based company has attracted 65,000 visitors each year.

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