“Shopping Queen” in Berlin: When candidate Elisabeth wants to pay, it gets problematic

"Shopping Queen" in Berlin: When candidate Elisabeth wants to pay, it gets problematic

Day 2 of Berlin’s “Shopping Queen”: Law student Leo kicks off and scores 30 points. Now Elizabeth can buy whatever her budget allows.

Berlin – second day”Queen of shopping“In Berlin: The Beginning.” Law student Leo (23) Scored 30 points. Now Elizabeth (35) can go shopping, which allows a budget of 500 euros.

“Shopping Queen” candidate Elizabeth doesn’t see herself as a woman in red.

The 35-year-old, affectionately called Cookie by her husband Chris, has a penchant for colorful clothes, holds a doctorate in astronomy and works as a sustainability coach — and that applies to her fashion, too.

“I also want to see if I can find something to rent,” she reveals to her competitors on the styling show. “I don’t think anyone’s hired yet,” exclaims Guido Maria Kretschmer. (57) Smiling.

The couple directly defies the fashion pope: “There’s no such thing as people with horns. He’s from Poland, she’s from Germany, got a doctorate in Ireland, met in underwater hockey, which I find very strange, get married. Now lives in Berlin.”

Shopping Queen: Candidate Buys Guidos "Dream shoe"And bitter disappointment follows
Queen of shopping
Shopping Queen: The candidate buys Guido’s “dream shoe” and is bitterly disappointed

The clock is ticking for the mother of three cats and her shopping companion Chris. You have four hours for an exciting look with cut-outs.

Deliberately unexpected, the couple head to a second-hand shop to battle it out for the crown.

Elizabeth opts for a black top with a cut-out draped at the back.

Elizabeth opts for a black top with a cut-out draped at the back. © RTL / Constantin Enter.

As a backup, the choice is in a blue dress with a 40s look. Cost point: 14 euros, but the shop can’t pay 100 euros early in the morning. Elizabeth and Chris walked straight to the currywurst stand across from them and exchanged money.

We continue on a sustainable mission to the next store. A black handbag is the object of desire for €199. When Elisabeth asks if she can rent them too, the salesperson at Lars Eidinger clothing replies: “You can also rent them through one of our partners. For 35 euros for three weeks.” However, the decision falls on the hand-woven bag in white.

Also, a culotte, top, earrings and sneakers end up in the shopping bag. With the remaining budget of 57 euros, the make-up must be handled and the astronomer wants to style her hair herself.

"Queen of shopping" In Berlin: When Guido meets saleswoman Maria Kretschmer, he has this celebrity in mind
Queen of shopping
Berlin’s “Shopping Queen”: When Guido meets saleswoman Maria Kretschmer, this celebrity is on his mind.

A world premiere, because the candidate of the day usually doesn’t wear makeup, but today it will be smoky eyes. In the end, the styling cost 48 euros, with a tip of nine euros on top of that – that’s how 500 euros went.

In the end, Elizabeth cleared 31 points from her rivals and took a razor-thin lead. As always, Guido’s rating follows at the end of the week.

“Shopping Queen” runs Monday to Friday at 3pm on VOX Also in the stream RTL+.

Title photo: RTL / Konstantin Enter.

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