Shocking! Western scientists plan to build ‘Noah’s Ark’ on the moon

MENGEJUTKAN! Ilmuwan Barat Rencana Bikin – Although it does happen anytime, if one day a bad situation happens on Earth, researchers are looking for ways to save life on Earth, for example because it was affected. Asteroid Or a super volcanic eruption that could destroy life on the planet.

One of them was started by scientists to build ‘Noah’s Ark’ on the moon.

As quoted from Live Science, on Monday (15/3/2021) scientists proposed to build a ‘Noah’s Ark’ on the moon when ‘Doomsday’ time came.

The ark will then store the cryogenically protected genetic material of 6.7 million living things, including the sperm, eggs, and seeds of millions of living things on earth.

The ark or gene bank will be safely placed in a tunnel or cave formed by lava (lunar lava tube) 3 billion years ago and solar panels will be operated above it.

There is a strong connection between us and nature.

We have a responsibility to be the custodian of biodiversity and to be a means to conserve it, ”said Jake Thanka, lead author of the University of Arizona in the United States and head of the Space-Terrestrial Robot Exploration Laboratory (Space Trex).

Not all the technology needed for this ambitious project exists, but researchers think The ark Satellites could actually be built in the next 30 years.

“I want to use data analogs.

This is (genetic material in the deep earth Noah’s ark) Such as copying your photos and documents from your computer to a separate hard disk.

So if something goes wrong, you will get a backup, ”Thanka said.

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So, if there is an apocalyptic event that will one day destroy nature or wipe out most of mankind, there will be an opportunity to ‘press the reset reset button’.

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