Shocking news from space! Life on this planet is more secure than ever

Shocking news from space!  Life on this planet is more secure than ever

Another planet from the Sun is called Earth’s “sister” because of its similar size, mass, and density, but that’s where the similarity ends.

Unlike our planet, The temperature of Venus reaches 464 degrees Celsius, because its atmosphere contains mainly carbon dioxide, which retains heat. In the past, there were oceans that could sustain life, but all that water evaporated.

– However, life on the surface is impossible, but it can survive in the sulfuric acid clouds that cover Venus, as they can be shown to be more habitable than previously thought. Writes in a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The team, led by Sarah Seeger, an astronomer and astronomer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has created a chemical model of Venus’ atmosphere that “predicts that clouds are not made entirely of sulfuric acid but of ammonia salts.”

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This means that clouds are “nothing more acidic” than some of the most extreme environments on which life on Earth can exist. Many biological processes require ammonia, and scientists say that its presence in clouds could “create its own atmosphere on life Venus”.

– This study indicates that there is ammonia in the atmosphere and that this chain of chemical reactions actually takes place. Cigar said. “As a result, some clouds on Venus will be more habitable than previously thought.”

Ziegler was one of the first researchers to predict the presence of phosphine – another gas with a “biosignature” – in the clouds of Venus in 2020, and the current study is a continuation of that activity.

However, they pointed out that the habitable state of Venus’ atmosphere is currently only a theory, and that “in the very distant future … we can try to return a sample of clouds to Earth and look at life itself.”

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