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‘Shocked’ Tourism Minister sends Film Ireland board summons after second resignation

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After the second resignation, the Fil Ireland board members will be dragged before Tourism Minister Catherine Martin.

Former Penny chief executive Breeze O’Donoghue, who resigned on Tuesday night, has not disclosed any foreign holidays to Fillet Ireland since the chairman resigned in August.

Catherine Martin, Minister of Tourism, Sports, Arts and GailTouch, told RTE Today She was shocked at her resignation because she had asked members to disclose foreign trips.

“That’s why I was shocked this week when I found out another board member had traveled abroad,” she said.

I am aware of the devastating effects of Kovid-19 on our domestic tourism and hospitality sector. Fillet Ireland is at the forefront of promoting accommodation and vacations at home.

“Ultimately, staying at home and vacationing at home supports our tourism sector, which is solidarity.

“That’s why I was disappointed when I heard that the second board member had traveled.

“This is an unnecessary deviation from the good work that Fillet Ireland is doing.

“My only impression is that they became aware of this, this week, and I will find out all these details this evening.

“I want to talk to them.

“This is very detrimental to the good work that Fillet Ireland is doing, so I would love to hear directly from them, work together on suggestions to restore the reputation, and focus on the good work being done. Board members, and assess the damage done.”

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Martin admitted that both board members went abroad and did not break any rules, but this was “unnecessary distraction.”

“People with a sense of solidarity who have been with Kovid for so long are tired of it and the tourism sector is on its knees. We say, ‘We are here to support you. We are going on vacation at home,'” she said.

Former Penny Chief Executive Breeze O'Donoghue resigned from the Board of Filters Ireland on Tuesday night.  Image: Dara MacDonald / The Irish Times
Former Penny Chief Executive Breeze O’Donoghue resigned from the Board of Filters Ireland on Tuesday night. Image: Dara MacDonald / The Irish Times

“Fillet Ireland is doing an extraordinary job, so acting contrary to having a board member is not helpful at all, which is what I want to talk about because leadership is needed.

Unfortunately, there are very good board members who do the right thing, and I do not want to be distracted from the good work done.

Fil Ireland officials are said to be in shock after a second board member resigned on Tuesday night. A Irish Examiner The investigation revealed The former Penny chief executive spent a week in July and August at a holiday home in Marbella, Spain. Spain is not on Ireland’s ‘green list’ for travel.

Following the resignation of Michael Cowley, the chairman who went on holiday to Italy in August, all Fillet Ireland board members were asked to disclose all foreign holidays to the organization.

It turned out that Miss O’Donoghue had not told anyone in the organization that she was going to Spain.

The minister will have to appoint two more board members through the public appointment service.

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At a meeting in August, the Authority of Fill Ireland elected Paul Carty, the former managing director of the Guinness Book of World Records, as interim chair, and will hold the position until a successor is appointed.

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