Shock wiretapping: “Don’t send us too many people anymore”

Shock wiretapping: "Don't send us too many people anymore"

“Ha ha! The lesson is that you don’t have to take 1,000 people. I was so tempted to talk to smuggling boats and tell them not to send too many (immigrants) at once. Funny comment. Gillian Moyes, team leader Save the children On the ship You are Hestia Facing Libya. The WhatsApp message dated June 28, 2017, 12.06, demonstrates the full realization that “existing small boats (sometimes defined as fishermen) are nothing but smugglers”.

The 653 summary pages of the Trapani Inquiry also contain chats (hundreds of messages) by NGOs describing the community Libyan Coast Guard And then with human traffickers. Photos, images, videos, documents, wiretapping of a secret agent on one of the NGO ships, as well as “humanists” made with their Go Pro.

At 9.17am on May 5, 2017, Paulo Alfonso Rhino Russo, the pro tempore commander of Vos Hestia, one of the 24 people under investigation, did not know he had been stopped: do you see the motorboats? They go to the rafts, approach, and maybe they take the smugglers. They move fast, but when you look at the shore it is full, it is full in this direction.

Another defendant, Commander Marco Amato, intercepted talks on “local waters” on the bridge of an immigrant boat on May 25, 2017 at 16.05 (Libyan, In) We took it out. One of his collaborators, Matteo, advises him: “It is better not to write that we were in local waters.”

Provided by marine NGOs Misinformation To the rescue center in RomeSilence With the police. Attached to the inquiry papers is a document entitled “Protect the Children”, which does not provide the authorities with useful information to identify the traffickers from the NGO’s adopted behavior.

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The Taliban of Reception, as they still do today, at least partially, provided false information to the Italian Coast Guard in order to rescue the migrants and cover up the smugglers. In one of the many incidents recorded in the investigation, in July 2017, Vos Prudence’s Pro Tempore Commander and MSF team leader Stephen van Dieste and Ignacino Arena launched further operations at sea, allowing the rescue of 930 migrants. A smuggler who did not inform the authorities. At this point, they also established strategies to conceal the Italian Coast Guard’s Dziotti ship, the coordinator of rescue operations – the presence of a small boat carrying migrants to carry out the rescue, as had actually happened.

The photos attached to the inquiry papers are no doubt like A still image of A Video It takes one of the rafts of the Juventus ship. Humanitarians intend to distribute life jackets to migrants in a rubber boat. One in 11.45 minutes Punt of smugglers They are interacting with Juventus staff, ”investigators said.

In another video frame you can see a fiberglass boat with three Libyans. “The smuggler in a blue sweatshirt salutes the staff at The Rib (Vos Hestia’s Dinghy / Protect Children, AD) then transits into a migrant boat”. Another smuggler at the helm of a dinghy loaded by immigrants was “assisted by the organization’s operators (Protecting Children, AD) in distribution. Life jackets“During boarding an NGO, Trapani identified Abdulsalem Sulaiman Dabbashi and Nasser al-Fitri, members of the powerful lineage of immortal soldiers and Dabbashi, the smugglers of Sabrata.”

According to Trapani’s prosecutor, large NGOs are pursuing a major goal, as they are today Public and media visibilityConsidering the ship’s continued use in many rescue operations, the involvement of its supporters – including finances – has increased.

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