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Shock for users.. BGMI ban on 47,000 accounts

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Internet Desk: Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) shocks counterfeiters. 47,624 fake accounts have been banned in India. Crafton said in a statement that the decision was made with the intention of providing a better gaming experience to BGMI users. According to Crofton’s firm, some clients use third-party programs to manipulate other users’ data, use fake IDs, and deceive team members.

Crofton Company has introduced a new version of the technology called Banpan 2.0 to identify such people who are acting against the game rules. The company says it will make it easier to identify cheaters in the game. Thus, from July 27, 2022 to June 3, 2022, 47,624 accounts were detected and banned. It is known that after Pubg was banned in India, Crofton’s company changed its name to Battlegrounds Mobile India. To view the IDs of accounts banned by the Crofton organization Click do

Why and which accounts are banned?

* Cheat tools are used in the game. Clients accessing game results and modifying user data and gross models in the game using third-party programs are prohibited.

* Accounts found to have cheated multiple times by their own team members or other team members in a team game are banned.

* Fake websites and information are spread as part of the game and not only cause financial loss to the users but also ban the accounts of those who lose their accounts.

* Accounts of those using illegal payment systems to recharge UC (Unknown Money) in the game have been deleted.

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* The Crofton company said that it will not download the game through fake links and cracked versions except from authorized app stores and will ban accounts that do so.

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