Shirley Bassi’s new album – Farewell to the Grand Dam of Pop?

Shirley Bassi's new album - Farewell to the Grand Dam of Pop?

Even at 83, Shirley is as glamorous as Bessie.

Prior to the release of her latest album (November 6), she was featured in Fashion Magazine Popular The press material is all dressed in gold – face mask included.

Clear reference to the title song Gold finger Many fans did not miss the James Bond movie that made Bassi famous in the 1960s.

‘I’m All It To You’ ended this week. Photo: Hand outThe British diva who got the title of Dam two decades ago is now releasing a new album: I owe you everything She is the first in five years, and that too is gold.

Her record company called it the “Grand Finale” – does that mean Bassi is leaving the music business after all these years?

If so, the title should be appropriate. She says the album is a huge thank you to all her fans and celebrates “70 years of show business, 70 years of fan support and 70 years of full music.”

In I owe you everything She presents a luxurious mix of cover versions and new songs.

They portray the character of the British Grande Dam of Pop with regularity, plenty of luxury and their own theatricality.

Her voice, which she temporarily lost in the mid-1980s following the death of her daughter Samantha, is still full of power.

There are a lot of plays in her presentation Who wants to live forever The Queen. Her classic version is almost contagious Always on my mind, Which was a huge success for Elvis Presley and the Pet Shop Boys.

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Among all these, there is a large band number Look but don’t touch.

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During the recording, she could not stop dancing, says Grandma and Grandma Bassi. “We had a little party of our own in the studio.”

The lyrics of the title song were written by Don Black, a good friend and companion of Bassi, and the song was written by senior lyricist Bond. Diamonds forever (1971), et al.

Meanwhile, music was composed by British lyricist Jack McManus, who was born 20 years later Gold finger Released.

When you hear Barry Manilo’s elevation ballad I made it through the rain, Seems to have had no other version than Bessie.

Career Having experienced many ups and downs in her long career and personal life, she knows what she sings.

The song’s positive message keeps it up to date, they say. “It’s important that we know things will work out. We will implement it.”

“The songs I choose are very personal and related to my life,” she says.

If so I owe you everything It was her last work, and then Bessie created a perfect farewell. – dpa

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