She has a home in Ireland: Rosannah Davison wants to bring a Ukrainian surrogate to Dublin – Entertainment

Rosanna Davison will ihrer ukrainischen Leihmutter helfen. Foto: imago/VISTAPRESS

Rosanna Davison wants to help her Ukrainian surrogate mother. Photo: imago / VISTAPRESS

Former Miss World Rosannah Davison wants to bring her Ukrainian surrogate mother who brought her daughter to Dublin.

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison, 37, wants to help a Ukrainian surrogate who gave birth to her first daughter, Sofia, in 2019. Like the daughter of musician Chris de Berg (73) Irish “free” At his home in the port city of Chersonese, the woman said she wanted to protect herself from Russian soldiers. Davison wants to bring her to Dublin, but her surrogate mother seems unable to leave her home.

“Our tenant lives in Kerson with her little girl and family, who are reported to have been captured by the Russian military. I spoke to her yesterday and she was safe, but very scared,” says Rosannah Davison.

“She’s in a shelter, but there’s a lot of gunfire outside, and they still have water, but the food is gone. I invited her to bring her daughter to Ireland to stay with us, but she believes she can not go.” At this point she seems unlikely to escape. Wes and I are very excited and concerned about her safety. “All she can do is keep in touch with her,” Davison said. She’s a great person. ”

Thanks to the surrogate mother for the joy of the parents

The model, who was “shocked and devastated” by the situation in Ukraine, says Kiev is a wonderful city with “amazing people”. “In 2019 we got to know the beautiful Kiev very well. We made friends there and will always be in touch with Kyiv because it is Sofia’s hometown,” said the Irish native. When she and her husband, Wes, first set out to become parents, they would spend a total of seven weeks in the city. Your heart is in place.

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Rosanna Davison and Wesley Quirk have been married since 2014. After little Sophia Ross Quirk, the two became parents in November 2020 to twins Hugo and Oscar. “Before we welcomed Sofia in November last year, we had been wrestling with fourteen pregnancy losses and a challenging fertility journey over the past few years. [2019] Finally welcomed with the help of a surrogate, ”Davison explained as her twins became pregnant in July 2020. Via Instagram Announced.

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