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Netflix is ​​currently testing new features that will charge extra for using an account in multiple homes. The streaming service thus takes action against the general public, but sharing login data with people who do not live in the same house is prohibited.

Sharing login information with people who do not live in the same house is actually against the Netflix Terms of Service. However, according to a 2020 survey, seven out of ten users share the subscription cost of a streaming provider. Netflix has known about this common practice for a long time, but so far it has been more or less tolerated. Now that attitude seems to have changed.

Paid sub-accounts for people living in another house

After restricting account usage Additional confirmation requests A few days ago, with security concerns, the company provided an address on one New blog entry Especially illegal account sharing. Sharing accounts between families Affects the ability to “invest in the best new TV and movies for our members”According to the official statement.

Therefore, they have been looking for ways for a long time Joint account usage in many homes due to extra fees Allow. Two new activities are proposed for this It was first tested in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru Will.

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Users of standard and premium tariffs will be able to in the future Sub accounts for up to two people Add them outside their home. These sub-accounts act as their own profiles with personalized recommendations and specific login details, but they can be costly The equivalent of an additional three euros.

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Checks functionality as well Transfer profile data to a new account. This could mean one of the sub-accounts mentioned above or a newly created account with data used so far.


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