Share techniques for capturing ghosts with the iPhone. Receive Apple’s first short film Ghost from Thai director ‘Pakpoom Wongpoom’.

Share techniques for capturing ghosts with the iPhone.  Receive Apple's first short film Ghost from Thai director 'Pakpoom Wongpoom'.

In the past, Apple (Apple) would work with photographers. The famous film director also shot short films on the iPhone to present two stills in many countries, which demonstrates an ever-improving ability.

It’s time for Thai filmmaker Pakpoom Wongboom, the director of popular horror films such as ‘Shutter Press to the Spirit’, ‘Twin’, ‘Sea Crossroads’ and ‘Ha Freng’. To take a photo with the iPhone 13 Pro camera lens in a different view. Ta Khon’s story.

“Ghost Following the People” is Apple’s first ghost film about ghosts, marking the return of filmmaking in four years. It tells the story of two teenage thieves who run away from the police to see a ghostly masked shop. Bring it as a lesson on the law of pantomime karma

Proud also gave the iPhone 13 Pro the ability to copy details in low light. Also the movie mode (cinematic) is the highlight of the iPhone 13 Pro, which makes this job remarkable. The hidden sphere of influence of hunting and horror

Also, anyone who uses an iPhone wants to follow them to take ghost pictures. Try the technology There is already a special mode on the iPhone to try to easily follow. Especially in the unique low-light photography of the iPhone 13 Pro.

1. In low light, use wide angle to help.

Using the iPhone 13 Pro’s low – light photography system, it is designed to measure the light level at that time. Adjust the shutter speed to take pictures accordingly This allows shooting details to still be maintained in low light. Including portrait mode

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So if anyone wants to get a darker and duller atmosphere, take the iPhone 13 Pro and choose to adjust the exposure compensation less. Looking for ghostly corners For example, taking a photo of a woman with long hair in a white dress should definitely get an interesting picture.

If it’s not scary, try adjusting your vision further with an ultra wide lens or a wide angle lens. Then enlarge the shoot model to help make the look of the image more scary.

2. Take a Ghost Shadow with Long Exposure.

Another interesting trick that cannot be avoided is spirit photography. Or ready to use a mode like Long Exposure to play with ghostly shadow photographs in motion

The shooting method is very simple. Reduce exposure compensation for dim atmosphere. Choose to focus on the point you want to record. After that, calculate the queue to the model to move the moment the shutter is pressed.

After that, open it to see the photos in the album. Then switch to Long Exposure from the live view in the top left corner, you will get sincere photos to play and of course this mode can also be applied to shoot wires or waterfalls to create a more dynamic experience.

3. Adjusts the cinematic mood to be more hunting.

The new capabilities that come with the iPhone 13 Pro are all about video recording. It is imperative that the cinematic mode allows us to switch focus easily between points. Even when shooting or after shooting, you can adjust later

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Of course, when taking a ghost video. The smooth selection of focus points adds to the hunting atmosphere and helps to bring the eyes to tell the story more interestingly. Those who have not tried this mode, do not miss it.

4. Open up new perspectives using macros

Taking close-up shots on the iPhone 13 Pro opens up a whole new world. It can be used to take interesting pictures but also to take things at the same time. Especially the magical baby doll

With the iPhone 13 Pro’s macro system from the ultra wide lens, it can set the focus when shooting stills and videos, making it possible to take photos in bright conditions. Even the eyelashes can clearly capture the small details

So if you use macro mode to take close-up photos it will give you a whole new perspective. It may not have been seen with the naked eye before, but the iPhone 13 Pro can present it.

5. Writing – Frighten the film

In addition to the use of special modes, there is also the possibility of configuring various components. Choosing to shoot with a line of sight, playing with shadows and event light, and so on.

Another amazing ability of the iPhone is the subject of light adjustments, which users can choose to adjust very well. The highlight will be in Auto mode, which uses AI to help adjust the color tone of the image, including Brilliance mode which accelerates the light and enhances the spot colors even better.

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For those who are not trying to edit photos on iPhone, don’t forget to give it a try. It’s as good as any other popular app can do.

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