Shanghai resumes one-day jail term after easing lockdown – Epocha Negosios

Shanghai resumes one-day jail term after easing lockdown - Epocha Negosios

A day after the partial lockdown was partially reopened, the Shanghai government re-detained thousands of people (Photo: unsplash)

Government of Xangai A day after announcing the partial reopening of a tight lockdown that had halted China’s financial capital for months, it returned to jail on Thursday, with more than 2,000 people in jail. According to municipal officials, more than 500,000 people remain isolated in the city’s residential areas where cases have been registered. Kovid-19.

The Chinese metropolis began resuming aspects of “normal life” on Wednesday 1 after authorities eased anti-Kovid restrictions. Residents were allowed to return to work, had to go through electronic checkposts to show they were healthy, and people gathered in small groups in the parks. Subway and other public transportation are back in operation.

Within 24 hours, the situation had receded for some. Liu, 29, is from Minhong County France-Press Kovid-19 was again jailed after receiving information that he was suspected of having a building in his apartment. Residents lamented the “endless” imprisonment of online chats, they said. In the central Jingan district, authorities locked the gates of another housing development. There were clashes between agents and residents.

The Shanghai government’s actions reveal that China does not intend to abandon the “Kovid Zero” strategy it has maintained since the beginning of the Pandemic and will resume isolation at the slightest sign of a new outbreak.

In this case, some people seem willing to break the rules. Police said Thursday that a businessman hid him under a road bridge to prevent health workers from finding him after learning that one of his employees was in a suspicious case.

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Bose, who was eventually taken into custody, said in a statement that he was concerned the employee’s absence could affect the company’s business.

All of these situations are different with state media coverage, which broadcasts only videos of parties, illuminated buildings and the return of traffic to the city center.

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