Shanghai prison tightens after Kovid eruption

Shanghai prison tightens after Kovid eruption

SHANGHAI: China’s largest city is facing a revival of the Kovid plague (Credit: Dutch Valle)

As the worst Kovid eruption in China in two years, almost every 25 million inhabitants of Shanghai were confined this Saturday (2), in a very harsh state, causing fear among some parents who fear the separation of their children.

In recent days, China’s financial capital has become the epicenter of a new epidemic in the country, associated with the omicron variant, which began to accelerate in early March.

To avoid a complete lockdown that would be detrimental to the economy, city officials first alternately closed both parts of the city for a public screening.

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The lockdown began on Friday in the western part of Shanghai (Puxi) and the eastern part (Pudong) had to lift restrictions after a four-day closure.

This Saturday, the city government announced more or less strict maintenance of measures in almost every area of ​​Shanghai where the business district’s iconic skyscrapers are located.

According to analysts, the decision represents the actual imprisonment of China’s largest city, where several multinational companies are present.

Faced with an increase in cases, several exhibition halls in the metropolis have been converted into temporary quarantine centers in recent days.

Some parents say they fear imprisonment if they test positive. They are also concerned about their children being able to separate themselves under strict isolation laws.

“My daughter is less than four months old. If she is found to be positive, she will be quarantined, “a city resident, who did not want to be named, told AFP law.

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Seng Qin, a senior municipal government official, quoted the Xinhua news agency as saying on Saturday that the city would provide “quick relief” to minors who do not accompany Kovid if his parents test positive and isolate him.

Children who are left alone at home will be cared for by “temporary parents” or taken to a designated place in such cases, officials added.

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