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Shane McLenny can’t wait to see his brother Patrick play Arsenal player Obamayang, but first confronts him with Finn Harps

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Shane McClellan is looking forward to seeing his brother Pierre-Emerick Obamayang try to hold on.

But before that, he wants to show his wisdom against his brother for the first time.


Shane plays for Finn Harps
This is only the second time in their history that they have helped Patrick Dundak reach the group stage of the Europa League


This is only the second time in their history that they have helped Patrick Dundak reach the group stage of the Europa League
Arsenal star Obamayang will be among the big names they face


Arsenal star Obamayang will be among the big names they faceAttribution: Reuters

Shane and Patrick McLenny played each other at Derry City.

When the elder of the two left for St. Patrick’s in 2015, the ‘Fats’ – who thought they would get the chance to move to Dundalk again – but it didn’t work out.

He hopes it will change tomorrow when Finn goes to Harpez Oriel Park to face the Lily Whites.

Shane told Sunsport: “We never played each other. It’s weird.

Ships at night

“It didn’t happen when I went to St. Patrick’s when we played against Derry or Dandalk.

“One of us was injured, suspended or not selected.”

Shane has been in the cold for the last few months at St Pat after coming out with Liam Buckley and then leaving the Ireland League for the mantra with the Ottawa Fury and Lorne.

A move to Harpez at the start of the season should have given him a chance to test his family loyalty, but fate intervened again.

The nearest Miss

He said: “Patrick was on the bench, in the 70th minute.

“I started, but just halfway through I did my hamstring, so I had to get off.

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I don’t know what today’s starting XI will be, but I hope we can get on the pitch at the same time and kick him.

“I know he will not show any resentment.”

Happy for him

Shane, 29, who is just 21 months old, impressed with Patrick’s performance, especially in the first half, when Dantalk booked their place in the Europa League group stage on Thursday night against KOA.

When he learned that Arsenal would be among their opponents, Shane was busy with his daily job as coach at Maiden City Soccer in Derry.

Shane said: “I was shouting for him. Going to the Emirates to play Arsenal is great.

“They play a great brand of football and it will be a good experience.

Well done

Patrick is a very good football player. He has been to England a few times, but for other reasons it has not been effective.

“That’s football, and sometimes you don’t get green.

“But getting to the group stages of the Europa League twice in four years is a big statement, which will put the Irish league on the map.

“I expect him to follow Obamayang.”

Survival focus

Shane’s focus is to make sure the Harps maintain their top-flight status, and he’s not sure which team Dandal will play this evening.

He insisted: “I don’t think Shamrock will make 10 changes like they did against Rovers, but some of them may.

“Ollie Horgan and Paul Hegarti will prepare us well anyway.

“We have two tough games against Dantalk and Shamrock Rovers, but we have to give ourselves a good description and try to get something out of them, because it’s tight at the bottom of the table.

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“Dandalk is very strong at home, but you never know.

“We know it’s hard for us to beat and block one or two games. We have not really turned around this season.”

Do not allow

Dantalk boss Filippo Giovagnoli said he would not divert attention from his side as he was looking for maximum points.

He said: “It is mandatory. I’m going to play the best players who can perform.

“We will really focus on the league. Our priority now is to perform in the league. ”

Dane Masi (hip) out, Zion Gonon (ankle) is a doubt for the champions.

Tom McDermott and Ruwer Hark are skeptical of the loss of Mark Timlin (Cruciate) to the Harps.

Manager Olli Jorgan, who was suspended last Sunday, will return to the pit.

Boysports ADS: Dantalk 4-7, Harpus 5-1, tie 14-5.

Verdict: Draw

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