Shamrock Rovers plans to star in ‘Without’ with Jack Byron

Shamrock Rovers plans to star in 'Without' with Jack Byron

With Jack Byrne leaving the new league champions at the end of the season, Shamrock Rovers have an action plan ready.

Hoops boss communicates daily with his gift assets – his future has not yet been dedicated to Rovers or any other club – and his representatives.

The midfielder is interested in cross-channeling the latest of his four Ireland caps in last week’s Cup draw with Bulgaria.

Speaking ahead of Sunday’s FII Cup clash with Sligo Rovers in Talag, Bradley revealed that he and Byron had agreed on a final decision date this summer.

“We both know,” said Bradley, who did not disclose the date.

“We both know this for a few months. Jack’s been very comfortable with it, and so have we. It has not changed.

“Since we had the conversation over the summer, we need to plan for life with Jack and life without him.

“We have to do it. That’s your job, that’s what we did.

“We talk to the players we want to bring in, not many of them, but we’ve talked to them for a while, and it’s down to life planning with and without Jack.”

Shamrock Rovers manager Stephen Bradley

Bradley has a settled squad, but wants to strengthen again once he finds the right players. But the situation with Byron will determine many of Rovers’ post-season jobs.

Asked if Rovers could do anything to persuade Byron, Bradley said: “He wants to stay, first and foremost.

“This club is bigger than any one individual, it is for any manager and players.

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“All Jack needs to see is the accomplishments he has enjoyed since he was at home.

“He’s in a very happy place in his personal life, and what you get out of this is what you see on the pitch every week.

“He’s in the Ireland squads – four caps now, and nothing will happen if he’s not here, so all this speaks for itself.

“We’ll have to wait and see where this goes.”

At the age of 23, Byron moved to Dublin with Manchester City, Wigan, Oldham and Kilmarnock and joined Rovers.

He knows that going back to England or Scotland does not guarantee a good career.

“Exactly,” Bradley said. “Jack has been in the football world for a long time, and he’s seen what’s out there, and he’s not an 18 or 19 year old who wants to jump at a chance.

“It’s definitely not going to happen. It’s really good and fun for Jack.

“He’s very calm and mature based on where he is now, Jack.” If you had asked him when we first came here, I think you would have gotten it. He wants to prove himself to the people.

“I think he’s a different person now. He has a good life around him now, good support structures.

“It allows him to show you what you can do. He understands all that now, so Jack is not in a hurry to make trivial decisions.

“He’s, he’s calm and now collected. He talks about everything. It’s very good to see.

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