Shaman Jake Angeli against Trump: “I must testify at impeachment trial”

Shaman Jake Angeli against Trump: "I must testify at impeachment trial"

Jacob Chansley, known in the news Chanceley, the news knows JakeJake Angeli: Quanon was the shamanQAnon had the shaman The United States Capital raided the country for the outgoing president. His appearance, strangely defined as euphemistic, quickly gained him the importance of ridicule: a fur coat, Viking horns, and tribal makeup on his face. He seemed willing to do anything to defend Trump. Trump.

However, in addition to claiming through his lawyer that the former Republican president cheated on him, he wants to take action and put an end to the perpetrators of the Capitol Hill incidents. Capitol Hill. The shaman’s step was quick to point the finger at his own political idol from a brave leader of Trump. Trump, pointing to his political idol, was quick to step up to the shaman.

He had apologized to Donald Trump before leaving the White House for the administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but the former president never gave it to him, perhaps for political elections after the unrest in Congress. So, despite his respect for former President Trump, Angeli may have been in jail, perhaps in the wake of the latest wave of frustration that the Republican leader seems to have been deceived and betrayed.

Trump’s trial is set to begin on Feb. 8, with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts not presiding, but Patrick Lehi, the caretaker President of the Upper House. Trump will begin on February 8, and will not be chaired by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, but by Patrick Lehi, the interim pro-president of the Upper House. TrumpTrump is the first president in American history, two officially impeached twice, the fourth in U.S. history .

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