Shakiri’s mission: to take over Switzerland by overcoming the goal barrier

Shakiri's mission: to take over Switzerland by overcoming the goal barrier

“He has the ability to do things we can’t do against Italy and Northern Ireland.” Those “things” are goals, assists, decisive plays, accelerations, dribbling, that is, no official can still find a way to divide Switzerland into a game and get to a goal in the Yakin era. Group C reached two 0-0 goals in two valid matches (in which the Confederates did not score 269 minutes). The subject of a sentence uttered by the Rossocross selector a week ago, when describing the call-ups for matches against the Irish (tomorrow in Geneva) and in Lithuania (Tuesday in Vilnius), represents the greatest hope for opening that zero: Xherdan Shaqiri.

The 30 – year – old Kosovar, the top scorer in the major tournaments at the last European Championships with eight goals (26 in total), missed out on last month’s international matches due to the fact that “Moore” (as well as his new teammate “Embolo, Gavranovich, Seferovic and Shaka will be missing”) , Lyon, he returned from six titles between Lig 1 and 6. Europa League. His performances have grown as he witnessed his first assist found in a trimmed 3-1 in Strasbourg and the first goal that helped his team overcome Trois with the same result. The goals could have turned into two on Sunday at St. Etienne’s 1-1, but his teammate Pacquiao suspended his 2-0 lead due to a millimeter offside. However, the most important thing in a Rosocrosiata key seems to be the willingness to give the Yak Nadi number 23, which is not yet in the offensive phase and is essential to remain number one in the group, synonymous with direct qualification. At the World Championships in Qatar.

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About 30 years old: ‘Irish will not give up so easily, we have to be patient.’

“I ‘ve played a lot over the last few weeks, but I’m not reached the level I want, because every change represents a new beginning, so it’s time for everything to go smoothly – the former Liverpool player agrees, and his first game under Switzerland’s shirt is 97, again, under Murat Yak. It will take some time to assimilate and put into practice the ideas of a new coach, but we do not have that, because we need some immediate success in these World Qualifiers, our goal is only to qualify for the World Cup, and this team has the qualities to achieve it.

Considering the long absence of the injured Shaqqa, Shakiri may have cut the captain ‘s arm to make a hundred appearances in Rosocrosiato … «A good goal, I’m proud of it, it’s not an everyday thing. It would be nice to celebrate this with qualification for Qatar, I repeat that it is our great goal, but if it does not happen it will not be a failure, as in the case of Italy it can always happen at the last World Cup.

However, in this case, no one wants to reach out, and for this reason, the challenge against the Irish will already be fundamental, forcing Switzerland 0-0 in the first leg (Seferovich missed a penalty) … “We know that they will not give up so easily. Given their contributions, we’ll definitely get opportunities, I’m very confident, possible punishment? I’m never been the coach’s first choice, I’m always accepted it, but this time Murat has given me this responsibility and I’m ready to take it on.

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As I said on Sunday, “XS” will be 30 … «Already 30! Time goes by so fast, and suddenly I become the oldest person on the team, to be honest I don’t feel that old. Although I do not have gray hair yet and I understand that my body needs to be handled more carefully, I feel the best age for me as a football player, so I hope to be healthy and play a pair at the highest level of the year. “

A maturity rising from the pitch … ങ്ങളിൽ In the past, negative reviews scared me, especially when people saw games and my performances differently from me. Today, on the other hand, I’m much calmer, I’m able to put these criticisms in context, and they make me a little harder.

League 1 is growing and I am happy to be a part of it. And what quality Messi, Neymar and Mbabane? ‘

Speaking of turmoil, the only defeat the attacking midfielder has to digest with his new shirt is the 2-1 against Messi, Neymar and Mbabane in the Parco de Principale against PSG … ” , Especially Messi has always been my idol and I have always taken him as an example.In general, League 1 is not an easy league to attack, because many teams play with a five-man defense and, as transfers show this summer, the level is rising and I am happy to be a part of it. It allows me to learn a new country and language, as well as get closer to my family.

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