“Shadow and Bone”: Nina Compares Netflix Series to “Game of Thrones” – Series News

"Shadow and Bone": Nina Compares Netflix Series to "Game of Thrones" - Series News

Daniel Galigan, who can be seen in the Netflix series “Shadow and Bone – Legends of Grisha” as Nina Senec, is one of the fantasy lords: she has already played “Game of Thrones” in a very small role.

Attila Swazec / Netflix

The fantasy world is small: the new Netflix series “Shadow and Bone – Legends of Grisha” features many players from other major fantasy series. Madame Hooch, the forest ranger who portrays the experienced Grisha Bagra in the film “Shadow and Bone”.Harry PotterBen Barnes, played by Nigu General Maya General Kirigan, is best known as the Caspian prince from the Narnia movies.

Daniel Galligan had a minor role in the fourth episode of the eighth “Game of Thrones” season. Her role in the movie “Shadow and Bone” is even bigger now: she plays a major role in her own story as “Entertainer” Nina Senik.

Explains “Shadow and Bone” on Netflix: That’s why Grisha is not a magician

In an interview Irish Examiner Galigan now talks about his experience with both shoots, comparing the new Netflix series to the HBO super hit. She appeared in the episode “The Last of the Stars” in the movie “Game of Thrones” as a woman named Sarra, the Stars’ waitress. This experience “Game of Thrones”, Even if it was short, created a lasting impression – and led to a dijo wu with “shadow and bone”:

“Getting a set of this size is nothing. It totally surprised me. I was only a week ready for the ‘Game of Thrones’ [in Belfast] And 24 hours in front of the camera. With ‘Shadow and Bone’ I felt the same way again – you turned in Budapest, there are 30 people in front of you. “

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Daniel Galligan thinks “GoT” and “Shadow and Bone” are very different

So the overload on the set was already the same, but what does Galigan say about the comparison between series like “Game of Thrones” or the Netflix hit “The Witcher”, which is a book series and “Shadow” Bone “?

“They are very different. ‘Shadow and Bone’ takes place in a world inspired by Tsarist Russia. This is something we have never seen before in fantasy. This is really exciting “, Hence the Irish actressThey did not know the books written by Lee Bardugo before the engagement, but read it with enthusiasm.

Be sure to watch the Netflix series “Shadow and Bone”: The Grishawers Explains

In “Shadow and Bone” we can admit that the world around Rawka and company is new and innovative. However, other elements use the usual fantasy clich –s – and it’s an interesting coincidence that a scene with Daniel Galigan’s Nina seems to take over from “Game of Thrones”:

When Nina falls in love with Matthias Helver (Calahan Skogman), she mocks the silent man who fears her as a witch, treats her as an enemy, tries to ignore his obvious attraction to her, and embarrasses him with her sexual insults. Reminiscent of John Snow (Kit Harrington) and Yegrit (Rose Leslie) from “Game of Thrones” feels inevitable.

In our detailed review you can find out more about the successful and unsuccessful aspects of the new Netflix hit “Shadow and Bone”:

Filmstart review for “Shadow and Bone – The Legends of Grisha”

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