Sexuality in football: Stop making successes disappear – Sport

Sexuality in football: Stop making successes disappear - Sport

It was the glorious end of the year and a real football highlight of 2020: the eighth day of qualifying for the European Championships. In the match against Ireland, the footballers had to concede their first goal of the entire European Championship qualifier, but they deserved a 3-1 victory. The German national team has had real success in qualifying for the European Championship and is looking forward to the 2022 European Championship.

Unfortunately, such success reports are often lost on reports of the Bundesliga or on the delights of promoted and expelled teams across Germany. Because women are still not considered in football, there are very few reports about their successes. This makes them invisible and is also reflected in the public perception: very few people think of women soccer players when it comes to European championship games. Unless it is clearly stated that this is a “women’s team” or a “women’s national team”.

Not because the matches of the same name are likely to be confusing, because the European Championships for women and men take place at completely different times. This is because men still dominate reporting and public perception, especially in football. The phenomenon of focusing on international tournaments in general does not seem to apply to women who are winners. All over Germany or locally – but mainly in the men’s-leagues it is better to go backwards.

Women athletes experience systemic deficiencies, especially in professional football, which is nothing new: players’ salaries vary widely, games are rarely shown, and only a few women athletes have access to their dream jobs. This applies not only to football, of course: the number of winter sports for women and men varies. For example, there is no Four Hills tournament for women.

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In addition, women athletes often face sexual exploitation and prejudice. Wrote the “Build” newspaper for the 2019 World Cup “Our beauty above all others” Built for success. Sport 1 forced it in 2015 “Most Beautiful Players at the Women’s World Cup” And to select “German team eye-catchers”.

Such sexual exploitation must be resolutely opposed. Alternative descriptions and experience of achievements such as EM qualification should confront them. It does not make the achievements and achievements of athletes invisible, but gives them the recognition and attention they deserve. When we talk about the European Football Championship, at some point we think of great talents like Laura Freelang or Ann-Katrin Berger.

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