Several Google apps have been updated: more comfortable for larger screens

Several Google apps have been updated: more comfortable for larger screens

Google continues to work Optimization for apps of the ecosystem Devices with the largest screens, Then tablets and foldables. It’s a strange coincidence that they’re now switching to Mountain View: Android tablets have been around for years, and in fact, it’s been evident for years that the large space of large displays can be better utilized in terms of positioning as well. Keys on the screen and the possibility of communication.

Yet Google’s sensitivity has grown over time: it Pixel Notepad or Fold E il Pixel tablet Did they act as a spur when they arrived? In the past days In the beta version of Google’s main mountain view app, restored the navigation bar between different tabs. It’s currently at the bottom of the screen, on the left, in the latest beta. Like what happened a few days ago with the Google One app. A nontrivial change for at least two reasons:

  • The keys are inside position Comfortable Press with the thumb, so you no longer have to detach the tablet or foldout from the screen when in landscape
  • They don’t steal space from the contentThis is evident by the side-by-side placement of before and after: it occupies a large and passive area before.

Of course it still needs to be optimized (of course it affects the beta version of the Google app), but the step forward in terms of ergonomics and comfort of the user experience is already evident.

In parallel, Google introduced its dedicated blog A workplace The New to Slides, Drive, and Docs:

  • is presentations Google introduces the ability to drag and drop content (text or images) into other Android apps.
  • It’s Google Drive on You can drag and drop files and folders with your finger, which can be done in either window view
  • Papers Google gets full mouse support, with the same behavior as on a webpage: for example, you can select text by left-clicking + dragging the pointer. Sounds trivial, but it wasn’t.
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