Seventh Grade Results in BEL and Mathematics from HBO Released – Education – Bulgaria – Nova News

Seventh Grade Results in BEL and Mathematics from HBO Released - Education - Bulgaria - Nova News

The average success of the Bulgarian language and literature from the National External Assessment is comparable to last year – 53.83 points from the 100 high of 2022 compared to 53.83 in 2021. This year’s mathematical results are declining for the first time since 2019. . The average score was 35.32 with a maximum of 100 points compared to 37.94 last year.

Areas with the highest average points in both subjects again include Sofia-City, Varna, and Smolean. The lowest average results were in Sliven, Vidin and Silistra, with Montana joining them this year.

Three students scored a maximum of 100 points in both subjects – the same as in the previous academic year. Compared to 2020-2021, the number of students with 0 points in both subjects has decreased. They are now 33 students, up from 44 a year ago.

Conclusions from the results: About 70% of seventh graders can understand what they read in the Bulgarian language and literature. 60% of them rely on quotations from a study literature. However, about half of people find it difficult to extract information from schematically presented data – not in the relevant text, but in a table or diagram.

Seventh graders do the tasks well with the optional answer, the Ministry of Education and Science added. 80% of students have no problem finding a synonym for a word and recognizing the type of pronoun. However, more than 70% of them fail to define a sentence according to composition.

Among the free-answer tasks, the most difficult part for children is the verbs and turning a particular part into a conventional sentence. Each fourth student received the maximum number of points in the task related to correcting text errors.

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About two-thirds lead themselves to learned works based on type, appearance, characters, and images. Failing to connect a character from a work that has been studied by more than 40% to its associated character.

The department says the retelling of the story, “The Talisman,” caused many questions from parents to answer how the Ministry of Education and Science chose the text, which generally did not hinder seventh graders. Students demonstrate text building skills, however they do not always inform the content in detail. There are still students who find it difficult to apply the rules of literary language. There are also problems with the graphic design of the text.

Conclusions from the results: In mathematics, one of the reasons for the results is that this class taught students the longest in an electronic environment far away – in the second term of the V grade, the entire VI grade and partly in the VII grade, explained by MES. In the opinion of his experts, this is evident from the weak effect on problems related to the mathematical skills expected to be achieved in grade VI – for example, the problem of finding the side of a triangle using Pythagorean triple numbers.

Seventh graders successfully cope with the task of calculating numerical logical expression, similar conversion of expressions, and solving a linear equation. About two-thirds of students can estimate classical probability, and more than half have no difficulty extracting information from textbooks and modeling with expression.

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However, about 40% of children find it difficult to extract information from a chart and find the angles using a linear equation. Free-answer tasks were a challenge for each of the three students, who had to read, process, write numerical information from a diagram, or apply basic formulas and theories related to the properties and characteristics of triangles. Extended free answers made it difficult for most seventh graders.

Seventh graders with maximum marks in Bulgarian language and literature are 9, in mathematics – 284. 214 students in Bulgarian language and literature and 240 students failed to get even one point in mathematics.

You can see the results of the National External Assessment in Bulgarian language, literature and seventh grade mathematics. Here.

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