Seventeenth Government of New Caledonia with Independent Majority

Seventeenth Government of New Caledonia with Independent Majority

Within an hour, on Wednesday afternoon, 54 elected members of Congress moved to elect a new government in New Caledonia after the fall of last fall fifteen days earlier. At the end of a surprise ballot, they appointed an executive with a pro-independence majority.

Congress President Roach Wamithan opened the session Wednesday morning at 3 p.m. The boulevard is in the southern province, not ubban, because of renovation work. By 3:30 pm, it was time to count. At 4 p.m., the same Roach Wamithan announced its composition Seventeenth The government of New Caledonia will come into force At least eighteen months.

Its structure

Saw Four lists of running The result of the ballot, the new government With a pro-independence majority Account:

  • With Capture Sound, Three Selected by UC-FLNKS, Nationalists and Oceanic Awakening (Samuel Henpune, Gilbert Thunon, Michael Forrest);
  • With Fourteen Sound, Three Uni was nominated (Louis Mapou, Yannick Slamet, Adolf Digg);
  • With Eighteen Sound, Four Elected to the list put forward by El Avenir n Confidence (Thierry Santa, Christopher Gaigas, Isabel Champmore, Joan Lecorix);
  • With Six Sound, a Caladoni was elected to the Synod (Joseph Manota).

Surprise in number

The 54 The counselors spoke. Deputy Philip Gomez and Northern Province President Paul Nautin were not present. They voted by proxy. When counting, surprise: Uni collects the suggested list Two more sounds given that!

No selected Oceanian Awakening

Consequences: Oceanic Awakening, UC-FLNKS and Nationalist Party, Disappearing In fact, the Caledonian executive nominated Vaimu Muliava for the fourth position, leaving only three to be selected from the list.

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Position of President and Vice President

The government is now appointed but will not function until its president is elected. At 6 p.m., the election will take place behind closed doors and at the Vice Presidential election.

Find out below the first live Facebook of this government election

An important political moment to be found in the radio news at 5pm and the TV news at 7:30 pm

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