Seventeen Colombian soldiers suspected of assassinating Haitian president

Le général Jorge Luis Vargas, le chef de la police colombienne, s

Seventeen former Colombian soldiers are suspected of involvement in the assassination of Haitian President Joanne Moyes on Friday, July 9 by the Colombian High Command of Police and Army.

«Two (…) who died in (Haitian) police action, the 15 Colombians we are currently examining (…) would have joined the National ArmyColombian police chief General George Luis Vargas told a news conference in Bogot that he had been fired between 2018 and 2020.

The Haitian president was killed by a commando of 28 people on Tuesday night from Tuesday to Wednesday: 26 Colombians and two Americans of Haitian descent, according to Port Prince-Prince. Haitian police say three Colombians were killed in his operation. Seventeen people, including 15 Colombians and two Americans, were arrested. Colombian authorities have not disclosed how many years the suspects spent in the military or why they left.

According to General George Luis Vargas, on May 6, two Colombians flew from Bogota to Panama and then to Santo Domingo, where they stayed for four days before boarding a flight to Haiti. Other Colombians arrived in the Dominican Republic on June 4 and in Port Prince on June 6. Colombian officials said they had information about four companies involved in the crime.

One of the “Well-trained soldiers in the Colombian army»

Among the Colombians arrested was Manuel Antonio Grosso Guarin, 40.Well-trained soldiers in the Colombian army“According to the daily El Timpo, another, Francisco Eladio Uribe, is also part of the commando.$ 2700 per month.

Earlier, it was announced that Colombian President Ivan Duke had sent an intelligence mission to Haiti. Taiwan said 11 people wanted in the investigation had trespassed within the confines of the embassy in Port-au-Prince. The assassination of a Haitian president has killed at home, destabilizing the poorest country in the United States, leaving it insecure. The state of sanctions was declared in the country.

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