: Seven hurricanes fall in Alabama, victims :: Monitor.bg

: Seven hurricanes fall in Alabama, victims :: Monitor.bg

Seven hurricanes hit Alabama, causing accidents

Seven deadly hurricanes have swept through Alabama, knocking down trees, destroying homes and causing power outages that have killed at least five people and injured dozens more.

The confirmed deaths were in the eastern county of Calhoun County, in the state, according to John D. Block, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, who said one of several hurricanes later moved to Georgia from the storm’s “super cell.” Birmingham.

Search and rescue operations were hampered by bad weather in the region. Radar shows a hurricane that formed in southwest Alabama and traveled 161 kilometers and lay on the ground for an hour and 20 minutes, D Block said. He said on-site inquiries would determine the strength, but based on the data, “we are sure we will find at least seven hurricanes” that passed through the state on Thursday.

In the town of Pelham in Shelby County, authorities reported that large trees blocked roads and damaged pillars on streets littered with debris from badly damaged homes. More than 20,000 consumers are without electricity in the state.

“We can confirm that local housing has been completely destroyed,” Shelby County Sheriff John Zamanigo told the Associated Press.

Police said the storm damaged several homes and a civilian center. Pillars and several highways were demolished, warning people to stay away from these roads and hurricane-affected areas.

Major Clay Hammok, of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, said he was “asked to prepare for a new storm. The National Weather Service in Huntsville said heavy rain is expected in northern Alabama.

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This devastation is part of the bad weather surrounding the deep south. Dangerous thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes are forecast for eastern Mississippi, western Georgia, and northern Tennessee and Kentucky.

As bad weather approached, the Alabama government issued an emergency declaration for K Iv 46 containers and officials sought refuge in and around Birmingham. “Dangerous weather affects parts of Alabama,” Ivy commented. “It is unfortunate that we have received reports of loss of life. Unfortunately, the day is not over yet.”

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