Seven days to form government

Seven days to form government

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The Prime Minister of Northern Ireland resigned on Monday, June 14th. No wonder; Six weeks ago, Arlene Foster was fired by her party, the DUP. The Northern Irish parties must now recognize Arlene Foster’s successor. They have seven days to avoid a political crisis.

With our correspondent in Dublin, Elaine wine

The DUP has already nominated a candidate: Paul Givan, an extreme conservative, creationist and right-winger. He should be supported by the Sinn Fിക്കുന്നin Republican Party, which holds the position of Deputy Prime Minister. These are the rules of Northern Irish politics.

However, Xinhua Fine guarantees that in this case the future executive will be able to legislate in the coming weeks on the status of Gaelic and release funds for the development of education and the preservation of the language.

Now, the party does not believe in the good faith of the DUP. This weekend, a Republican spokesman accused the unionists of making misleading statements and not intending to keep their promises.

However, within a week, if both parties still do not trust each other, voters will go to the polls early, a year before the end of the current legislature.

Finally the province went without government for three years. A situation that is already complicated between 2017 and 2020 would be considered unacceptable to Northern Irish in the context of the Pandemic and Brexit.

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