Set aside for ‘half an hour’

Set aside for 'half an hour'

Nowadays, there is not a moment when everyone does not have a smartphone in their hand. Asleep or awake.. in the bathroom or outside.. we work tirelessly.. that’s what we call work. In one word.. Smartphone has become our world. However, experts say that regular use of it can damage health and relationships. They say that if you postpone it for half an hour, you will get many benefits. Then find out..

Creativity flourishes!

‘The most valuable asset we have is our mind..!’ Mahan said. Normally our brain is active. It may not be able to multitask.. but our brain has the power to quickly switch our attention from one task to another. But experts say that due to the continuous use of smart phones, this kind of supercomputers that are embedded in us will become dull. So they spend every moment in the mobile world and are unable to think of new things. That is why it is said that if we put aside our mobile phone for half an hour every day… if we divert our thoughts to other subjects… it will be more active. In this sequence, new ideas are born in the brain. It gradually helps to increase creativity in us. So we can solve many problems by ourselves.

No disruption to sleep!

Health and sleep are inextricably linked. If you sleep at least eight hours a day, you can get rid of diseases. However, many people use smartphones day and night. They spend time with it especially in the name of night entertainment. As a result, going to bed late and waking up early in the morning leads to poor sleep. Due to this, many diseases like stress, depression, anxiety, obesity, heart related problems are associated with it. So to avoid these effects.. put away your smartphone half an hour before going to sleep at night.. turn off the notification.. sleep without thinking in your mind.. you will sleep well.. and your health. Improve.

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Good for eyes and neck!

A recent study found that using a smartphone for more than half an hour a day increases the risk of developing brain-related problems within ten years. Not this one.. The blue light coming from smart phone is not good for eye health at all. Experts say that due to its continuous use, neck pain will also occur after a few years. If you want to avoid all these distractions.. put aside the mobile for half an hour everyday.. mentally and physically, on the other hand, the eyes feel very relaxed.

Good for career!

Some studies warn that constant smartphone use is not only personal, but also health and professional. From reducing productivity at work to not being able to maintain good relationships with colleagues, personal stressors that adversely affect work, behavioral disorders, etc. Because of this, he cannot concentrate on the work he is doing. That’s right..putting aside the smartphone for half an hour during personal time and away from it during office hours can reap a lot of benefits.

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