Sernobio, who will be there? Putin had to open up (but not the sled), many ministers (not Draghi), Letta and Meloni –

Sernobio, who will be there?  Putin had to open up (but not the sled), many ministers (not Draghi), Letta and Meloni -

The Ambrosetti Forum in early September is an opportunity for the country to see how Italy is moving in the European and international equilibrium. One and a half years after the outbreak, the recovery process will begin and, following the Western withdrawal from Afghanistan, a meeting will be held in Sernobio as needed.
The entire political and business ruling class should look in the mirror. He needs to get the guests of the Villa d’Este to mentally redraw the map of possible roads in the years to come. Now as on some other recent occasion.

Putin’s message

He was discussing an innovation on the three-day agenda in Sernobio: the inaugural message delivered to Vladimir Putin on Friday morning. The Russian leader does not send his own representative, it is Roy’s Monica Magioni who is the moderator of the first session to read his words. But in the end, to avoid criticism or jokes by Niall Ferguson (who would have spoken soon after Putin), he changed the already printed program and immediately gave Ferguson the floor, “Are we sure I’m not interrupting the President of the Russian Federation? Because, I see him at the event before me, I want to embarrass everyone. I do not want to. ”Laughter in the room and a slight embarrassment to the moderator.

Great personality

Unusually, though rare, a great international personality sends a message to the Villa d’Este forum. Pope Francis did just that last year. What is even more extraordinary is the nature of such a controversial leader, and the other participants in the Ambrosetti forum – at least – are deeply divided. Gianluca Garbi, CEO of Banka Sistema and a board member of Borsa Italiana, says, “There will be a message from Putin during the opening of the Villa de Estെയe that I find the message a little strange. When Chenni attended, he did not care.

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Waiting for Fauci

Of course, Putin’s message is mostly formal, not political. The material will come later through a video conference intervention by White House Chief Medical Consultant Anthony Fauzi. The Russian president will limit himself to congratulating the forum on its good work, underscoring the importance of Italy’s role as the rotating president of the G20, and looking forward to closer cooperation between Rome and Moscow. Nothing more. After all, the same choice to send a short letter came from Putin himself refusing an invitation to speak in person or via video conference in Cernobio. Garby observes: നിലയിൽ As a participant in the forum I am not upset about this project, but I find it interesting. The problem may arise for the balance between other people who are called to intervene: someone may oppose speaking out after Putin.

The lasting challenge between values ​​and realism

Perhaps this is a small episode of a broader phenomenon that does not significantly affect the Ambrosetti Forum, but rather a large part of Western Europe: the difficulty of the major countries in the Union to lead themselves between the values ​​of the relationship and realism. With the great forces on which our prosperity depends. This is likely to be discussed in Cernobio on Saturday with European Commissioner Paulo Gentiloni, as well as French and Spanish finance ministers Bruno Le Meyer and Nadia Calvino.

Parade of Ministers in Chernobyl

The forum’s entirely Italian agenda will be very rich. Prime Minister Mario Draghi will not be there, but more than half of the government parades will take place on Saturday and Sunday at the Villa de Este: Ministers Patricio Bianchi (education), Renato Brunetta (public administration), Marta Cartabia (justice), Roberto Cingolani (environmental) transition, Vitorio ( Luigi Di Mayo (Overseas), Daniel Franco (Economics), Mariastella Gelmini (Local Affairs), Giancarlo Giorgietti (Economic Development), Enrico Giovannini (Infrastructure), Louisiana Lamorges (Oriore) (Jobs).

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Discussion between Italian political leaders

Two hours will be set aside on Sunday for a purely political confrontation between the majority and opposition leaders, including Giuseppe Conte (in a video conference), Enrico Letta, Georgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini. It is often said of Italy that the lack of a compact ruling class with a clear vision of the country has always been a weakness. If he had accepted the confrontation and the questions from the audience – instead of keeping his message away – Putin in Sernobio would have been able to figure out if this was true. Or maybe not.

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