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Serbian Linux operativni sistem - SmartLife / Serbian KDE

A new version of the Serbian operating system has arrived – 2022 KDE – Download it for free!

Source: SmartLife / Serbian KDE

As always, the domestic creators of the Serbian version of the popular operating system have contacted SmartLife Editorial Office and told us: “We still stand firm“!

We’re glad it did Previous versions of the Serbian operating system This time we do it again – here’s what’s new and how to download it.

The latest and improved version of the operating system is available to all interested Linux users Serbian GNU / Linux 2022, To KDE Graphical Environment. The graphic look of this year’s edition is dedicated to the success of the Serbian national basketball team. Accordingly, you will find our most famous basketball players and their coaches in the background and they will be remembered for their outstanding sporting achievements.

Serbian comes with Cyrillic option, and you can select Latin via system settings, and select Izekavian in both variants. It was used as a basis for educational distribution Debian (Bullseye) In its test version, KDE Graphical Environment.

Serbian 2022, as well as the previous eight editions, is intended for all users who want an operating system in the Serbian language. It is also intended as a viable option for current users of proprietary operating systems. Also, there are users who do not know how to set everything up manually and have not used it yet Linux distributions, Is considered more user friendly.

In the new version, in addition to the standard programs that come with the KDE graphical environment, there is a collection of programs that allow users to perform quality work, and all pre-installed programs are translated into Serbian. Kernel 5.10.0-1 has been used, compared to the previous version, support for external devices has been improved, and many new applications have been added, so the current selection looks like this:

  • File management, search, dolphin and cafind
  • Synaptic, DEBiTool for package management and installation
  • Graphic programs: GIMP, Gwenview, KColorCooser, Skanlite
  • Office: LibreOffice, K Organizer, Ocular, Quiet, Kate, Ocular
  • Multimedia: Clementine, VLC, SMPlayer, K3b, Guvcview, Curlew …
  • Internet: Firefox, KMail, KTorrent, Conversation, qTox IM, QuiteRSS i
  • every time: Konsole, Ark, Klipper, Sweeper, Kcalc, ISO Image Writer, Kup-backup.

After installation, Serbian will take up more than five gigabytes of space, so it is advisable to allow approximately 15 GB more space for comfortable operation when sharing partitions.

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See how it is Download the latest Serbian, 2022 from KDE!

Serbian Linux 2022 KDE Video
Source: Serbian Linux

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