Send WA without internet quota, here’s how!

Send WA without internet quota, here's how!


Messages cannot be replied to WhatsApp Is it because the internet data quota is exhausted or the cell phone dies due to low battery? Calm down, there is a way to overcome it.

There are two steps to sending WA without internet data quota or a cell phone that has run out of battery. Everything can be done easily.

1. WiFi connection

If you do not have an internet quota, you can still send WA, just connect to a WiFi network. This method cannot be done when the phone is idle, so use the second step.

2. WA Web

WhatsApp has a multi-device feature that allows users to freely access their WhatsApp to other devices. This means that it does not require a cell phone that is always on and connected to the Internet.

As we all know, when accessing whatsapp web Also have an HP desktop on standby. Once we’ve not connected to the Internet, especially when it’s off, we can not send or receive messages on the WA Web or WA Desktop.

WhatsApp has started making the multi-device feature available to all users. But on a small note, this new feature can only be used on up to four devices.

Also some features are not currently supported. WhatsApp said in its blog post that users will not be able to clear or delete conversations on the connected device if the primary device is the iPhone.

Another limitation is that WhatsApp does not allow the use of this feature on tablets. Additionally, the app does not allow calls or messages to devices running older versions of the app. Connected devices will not be able to see the live location and will not be able to generate or view broadcast messages.

Once connected we do not need a cell phone connected to the internet, but WhatsApp still has limitations. So after 14 days, if the WhatsApp application does not open on your cell phone (connected to the Internet), all the linked devices will be automatically logged out.

If it’s a security issue, you don’t have to worry. WhatsApp The multi-device feature is guaranteed to support end-to-end encryption. This means that all private messages, media and calls will be kept private.

How To Send WhatsApp When Cell Phone Is Off or Not Connected To The Internet

Note that in the initial stages you will be asked to link your device to the WhatsApp web or desktop. After that you can use WhatsApp without connecting your mobile phone. Here’s how to do it.

1. Open WhatsApp on your cell phone and tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner (Android) or press the settings menu in the bottom right corner (iPhone)

2. Tap on the Linked Tools option

3. Tap the multi-device beta below. WhatsApp will display a page explaining feature limitations and other issues.

4. Tap the Join Beta or Join Beta button, then click Continue or Next

5. Then scan the QR code and link the cell phone to the WhatsApp web or desktop

6. From here you can use WhatsApp web or desktop without connecting a cell phone to the internet

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