Selvagia lucarelli with poison in umbrellas

Selvagia lucarelli with poison in umbrellas

“Women and Engines”. To combine it with a beautiful car or motorcycle, confronting an old proverb, female emancipation, equal opportunities, and the quest to escape the abused clich of classic cover beauty. This may be the meaning of the poisonous tweet Wild Lucarelli Wanted to resume a post that was “praised”, certainly not by a well-known journalist or columnist. Umbrellas Inn MotoGP. A storm that continues for hours on social networks.

Moto2: Lucarelli’s post on Umbrellas

Last Sunday the Spanish Grand PrixStep 6 MotoGP. Beyond what happened on the track with a comeback to success Francesco Bagnaya as well as Ducati Is ahead of the current world champion in MotoGP QuarterraroA post Elizabeth FranchiWell known stylist wearing umbrellas this year Gressini Racing Team.

“Big men, what would you be without the help of our little ladies. Long live the men, long live the women, long live the love that completes us.With photos of post moto 2 rider Alessandro Sacon on the stylist’s Instagram profile, if you’re interested in the gerus grid, it’s an attractive little umbrella or grid girl.

Lucarelli against the use of umbrellas at the World Championships

It did not take long for the answer to come Wild LucarelliHe has always been very sensitive to the use of the female body as an object in TV and in the media in general. “Directly from Paleolithic: Elizabeth Franchi”The journalist wrote sarcastically, taking over the designer’s post.

Social storm after Lucarelli’s post on Grid Girl

Needless to say Lucarelli’s tweet sparked controversy. Under his post, you can read about all the pros and cons of the shape of umbrellas. The journalist, columnist, wrote: “It’s already a shame to call a woman an” umbrella. “The goods of a sultanate and slaves.

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But there are still champions of the so-called tradition: “Umbrellas bring elegance and beauty to the grid, covering bikes and riders with the beautiful smiles they show around the world. If they were there it was their own choice, it was like any other job. Sow birth. But the modern world has seen us rotten.

F1 grid girls banned, MotoGP not banned

The front of the world-class motorsport is divided by the use of umbrellas on the starting grid. From his entrance at the head of F1, Just minutes before the Liberty Media race, the grid girl wearing skinny clothes with cars was removed. On the other hand, it has not yet been done Dorna At the World Championships. The discussion about the use of a traditional female object figure in the world of motors has been particularly open in recent years. But some clichs are hard to break.

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