Selectra comparator takes over

Selectra comparator takes over

The judges also rejected another comparator, Afinicia’s offer, which at least appeared on paper. Joining this offer is Gaël Duval, the current president of It appealed to local economic and political activists. The judges of the court were apparently indifferent to this lobbying.

According to the statements of the person concerned, if he had not been present in the operation of the future structure, his support had raised an outcry from some employees, who had written to the court in this regard. . The acquirers know a new employer, who denounced the destructive atmosphere within the Estilac-based company.

1,800 employees worldwide

Selectra was created in 2007 Xavier Pinon and Aurian de Maupeu in Paris. The two men are still the majority shareholders of Compar through their company Futari, which has a capital of more than 165 million euros. Selectra, managing director Maxime Penin de la Raudière, carries out activities similar to assistance service for changing contracts in the energy sector (gas and electricity) and comparison service in the same field. Insurance brokerage. It adds comparison of box offers or online banking to its palette.

On the other hand, Selectra operates in 16 countries: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, Bulgaria, Ireland, Turkey, Texas, Australia, Japan, and JChang’s operations. .fr is limited to France. In 2020, Selectra communicated a turnover of 38 million euros with a growth of 15% and announced 1,800 employees worldwide.

But that was before the energy crisis and the destruction of alternative offers, besting the recovery efforts of its rival, whose debts will be around 5.8 million euros. At the end of a disposal plan, Selectra will only be partially refunded. So debt free.

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