Selected Twitter players should try new ways to make money

New York (AFP) – Twitter players with the largest followers in the USA should be able to offer paid content in one go. The online network announced on Tuesday that it has begun selecting US applicants who want to make money with the help of the new “Super Follow” or “Ticket Space” functions.

“Ticket spaces help you create unique and exclusive audio experiences that your audience is willing to pay for,” said Ellen Howliss and Esther Crawford, Twitter’s product division. With the “Super Follow” function, you can create “direct contact with your most loyal subscribers”, which may lead to a monthly income.

Virtual tickets for audio events can be sold for as little as $ 999 for selected Twitter celebrities at “ticket locations”. There should be exclusive content for subscriptions for three, five or ten dollars a month with “super followers”.

Crawford and Howellis explained that Twitter should not only be “a fun place to interact with the audience” but also “a place where you can make money through engaging conversations.”

Twitter wants to withhold three percent of revenue up to $ 50,000, and a high-income company wants a 20 percent commission. Twitter wants to create new revenue opportunities with new offers that need to be tested first. So far, the group has received funding through advertising.

Image: © AFP / Archiv Olivier DOULIERY / Twitter Tests new monetization activities

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