Seek (almost) qualify for success

Seek (almost) qualify for success

P.Portugal The final extension to Mundial’2022 begins this Thursday. The qualifiers for the national team match against Ireland are scheduled for the Quinas team at the Aviva Stadium in Leinster.

Group A accounts are not closed, on the contrary. Only Portugal and Serbia have a chance to qualify for the match in Qatar, and it remains to be seen who will take first place in the group between the two dubious teams.

Portugal will be forced to play in the play-offs if they finish second in Group A. For this reason, the national team is fully interested in winning the first of two matches, so qualifying can be simplified. That means that if they win against the Irish, Portugal are just one point away from Mundi’2022, the point they must conquer against Serbia.

Even before the ball rolled, Fernando Santos had a headache. Anthony Lopez, Rafa Silva and Joao Mario left the workgroup and joined Jose Za and Gonzalo Goodes. Although kept in the work group, Bernardo Silva confirmed that he was absent from this first meeting due to physical complaints.

This Thursday at 19:45 is scheduled for Ireland-Portugal.

Coaches in direct conversation

Stephen Kenny

Expectations: “This will be a great football game against a very good team. Look at the number of options they have. For example, Bruno Fernandes is playing, but they have Renato Sancho or Joao Felix to join. They have no shortage of options.”

Portuguese election: “They have extraordinary players, they can not predict anything that will happen against them, because they have the best quality in all positions. We have to surpass ourselves, reach the level we want to present and be intelligent.”

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Fan support: “It’s a privilege to be in this game. It’s really good for the players to feel that atmosphere again. We want to perform accordingly.

Fernando Santos

Last match against Ireland and lessons learned: “The main thing to take away from that game is I think what happened until the end of the first half when Diego Jota’s ball came to the post, in which we lost the balance of the game. Allowed to create danger, they even scored on one of those moves and then counter-attacked and then in the second half the team responded well and reached the goal, but it did well, and the ability to create a lot of problems for us did not allow Ireland to learn the lesson that a team plays according to its characteristics, the players, always to win. A team that plays, and that’s what you do in Ireland, knowing that you have to have the right balance. And pay, but you have to have balance so you can recover when you lose it. Eliminate that or the opponent’s counter-attack potential. That is the main lesson, and I hope that can be done in the match against Ireland.

Sides and solutions for Joao Cancelo: “There are three full-backs we think will play on the right side, but one of them is playing on the left. Diego Dalot has played on the left many times, and even in the national team he has played on the right and left, Nelson Semedo has played on the left, right and left, and Joao Cancello on the team for this game. We’ll pick the options that we think are most appropriate, and for Cancello, I think Cancello is definitely the best full right now – back in the world. “

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Outside Bernardo Silva: “He’s very tired, he’s very complaining, he has a lot of games, he’s not able to go to training, but he’s recovering, we believe he can play here against Serbia. , That’s why we chose it, so you can get well and join the Friday training. “

Latest results

Ireland: VVEED

Portugal: VVVV

The Last Ones

Ireland: Kyomhin Kelleher; Matt Doherty, Andrew Omobamidele, Shane Duffy, John Egan, Enda Stevens; Jeff Hendrix, Connor Hurrihane; Chidosi Ogben, Jamie McGrath, Kalam Robinson.

Portugal: Rui Patricio; Joao Cancello, Pepe, Ruben Diaz, Nuno Mendes; Joao Pallinha, Joao Moutinho, Bruno Fernandes; Bernardo Silva, Cristiano Ronaldo, Andre Silva.


Ireland: /

Portugal: Anthony Lopez, Joao Mario, Rafa Silva, Bernardo Silva.

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