See the tragedy of the Arecibo Observatory captured by multiple cameras

See the tragedy of the Arecibo Observatory captured by multiple cameras

Notable video footage of The 900-ton platform of the Arecibo Observatory is falling The National Science Foundation on Thursday unveiled the 1,000-foot-wide resource below. A drone was conducting a very close investigation into the cables while the cables were being broken on Tuesday.

Video of extensive radio telescopes shows drone footage and view from a camera in the visitor center, which falls into a platform dish just above the jungle floor in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Two huge pieces of cement towers to which the cables were attached can be seen falling.

Two cables have been broken before, and one in August Another in November, The telescope is destabilizing.

A drone was inspecting the site in one of the towers, and one of the previous cable malfunctions occurred, and the rest suddenly collapsed.

The NSF recently decided to shut down the telescope following a second cable breakdown in November.

“It was a dangerous situation,” John Abruzzo, of the engineering consulting firm Thornton Tomasetti, which was contracted by the NSF, told reporters on Thursday. “Those cables could have failed at any time.”

On Tuesday, they did.

The NSF reports that no one was injured in the crash and that only minor damage was done to the visitor center.

The telescope, which has been in operation for 60 years, is set against the backdrop of a dramatic battle scene in the 1995 James Bond film. Golden I. With Pierce Bros. It also appeared in the 1997 film Jodi Foster Contact. But the real legacy of Arecibo lies Many scientific discoveries It made it possible. It explored pulsars, expanded our knowledge of Mercury, detected exoplanets, and detected rapid radio explosions.

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