See the moment when the particles from the sun hit the atmosphere and illuminate the sky in bright colors

See the moment when the particles from the sun hit the atmosphere and illuminate the sky in bright colors

Thomas Pascoat, an astronaut from the European Space Agency, was in space with his crew when the charged particles from the Sun’s Solar Storm hit the Earth’s atmosphere. He was able to take photos of this exciting encounter, especially the brightly colored ones, for the benefit of the entire public and post them on social media, and the views are beautiful and beautiful.

Thomas and his friends aboard the spaceship, Photo: Thomas Pesquet

In fact, abnormal light is caused by a collision between charged particles that leave the Sun and move toward the Earth during a solar storm. When the particles reach the Earth’s surface, they collide with the magnetic field, which diverts the charged particles to the poles where they meet with the atoms in the ionosphere, so that their energy explodes in a magnificent and unique light-configuration configuration. .

Another angle, Photo: Thomas Pesquet

In a Twitter tweet, the astronaut wrote: “We were on a mission, and when we got an amazing halo in North America and Canada, it appeared in the form of spikes longer and higher than the point of our orbit, and we passed to the right, the center of this halo.”

It should be noted that this is a cyclical phenomenon that also causes the phenomenon of Northern Lights. In fact, the Sun has an operating cycle of about 11 years, during which the Sun’s activity passes through the points of solar storms and eruptions that affect the Earth.

View from the spacecraft, Photo: Thomas Pesquet

Because these explosions can affect space communication systems, such as communications satellites, and even electrical equipment on Earth, when a major solar storm occurs, the scientific community monitors and investigates these storms. .

In fact, 24-48 hours pass from the moment of the explosion until it reaches the earth, so if there is an early warning, you can prepare for them and protect the sensitive equipment in the best possible way. It should be noted that despite much research, this phenomenon has been known to the scientific community for centuries, and there are still many scientific controversies and riddles in the field of solar activity.

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